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Yummy Vits Orange

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Yummy Vits Orange Flavour by Coral Club United Kingdom

Yummy Vits is a complete supplement of balanced vitamins and mineral salts primarily developed for the healthy growth of teenagers and young adults. Suitable for anyone aged 14 or over, it takes the form of a pleasant-tasting, once-a-day chewable lozenge. Its many benefits include:

  • - Aids vision health and development

  • - Reinforces the immune system's defences

  • - Preserves the optimal state of bones and teeth

  • - Contributes to the health of gingiva and mucosa

  • - Supports the correct and healthy development of muscles and joints

  • - Compensates for any deficiency of vitamins and minerals due to poor diet

  • - Improves memory, concentration, condition of skin nails and hair

Vitamins and minerals are essential for basic good health, including a well-functioning metabolism and it is therefore important to take them regularly.  Unfortunately in the 21st century it is very difficult to get the levels of these nutrients solely from our food due to modern farming methods etc and this, coupled with poor diets and insufficient outdoor exercise, has led to a significant rise in cases of avitaminosis in childhood.

Good quality vitamin and mineral supplements, combined with regular, balanced eating habits, are essential for the body’s recovery from intense physical or mental activity.  Yummy Vits’ high boost of antioxidants and well-balanced combination of vitamins and minerals supports the replenishment of these essential nutrients, aiding the body’s swift recovery.

Yummy Vits supports teenage and young adult health by supplying a daily, correctly balance dose of vitamins and mineral salts and is particularly useful in cases where poor diet or lifestyle has created nutrition imbalance.  Rich in nutrients, this product is essential for healthy development of growing bodies, guaranteeing children the right levels of essential elements.

These sweet and tasty orange-flavoured chewable lozenges are popular with children - yet they do not contain sugar.  The sweet taste is due to Xylitol, a natural derivative of birch sap, valued for its antibacterial and antimicrobial action and kindness to teeth.  Very pleasant with their fruity taste, they represent an optimal way to reinforce the natural immune defences of children, assisting them at critical times such as seasonal changes or phases of recovery from diseases.

Properties of Yummy Vits Orange Coral Club, include:

  • Provision of an optimal selection of essential nutrients for the healthy organic development and wellbeing of children over 14 years of age

  • easily and immediately assimilated formula

Benefits of Yummy Vits include:

  • - prevents the risks of hypovitaminosis

  • - encourages development of cognitive efficiency and abilities

  • - supports the building of the body’s self-defence resources

Single indications of use:

This vitamin-mineral complex for teenagers, young adults and adults is an excellent supplement to daily nutrition since it:

  • - offers support in cases of chronic disease

  • - stimulates physical and mental dynamism

  • - helps to balance diets prescribed in therapeutic contexts

  • - provides fast and essential restoration of vitamin, salt and mineral levels depleted by vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sweating and dehydration

Multiple indications of use:

- asthenia;

- weak immune system;

- presence of or disposition to fever or flu ;

- unbalanced diet, due to poor intake of basic foods such as fruit and vegetables and consequent deficiencies;

Where the conditions set out above exist or in any case situations in which the body requires more energy, it is indicated as an immediate and usable source of resources.

We do not always grasp the indicators of excessive fatigue or weakness in teenagers and young adults but by paying attention we can perceive that there are problems. We could notice, for example, morning fatigue, difficulty getting up or indolence.  There may also be a lack of concentration and, frequently, difficulty falling asleep in the evening.

There may also be other important signs to take into consideration, such as headache; abdominal pain; frequent mood changes; irritability or sudden tears.  These situations should be investigated in order to identify the cause of physical or emotional distress.

Yummy Vits Orange Flavour’s carefully developed proportions of quantities of minerals and vitamins, used  in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, represents a superb choice of balanced and readily assimilated nutrients, in a delicious tasting, child-friendly form.

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