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Water Pack

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The release form: Water Pack

Name in ENG: Water Pack


KIT FOR HEALTH N ° 1 in Coral Club, England, UK

30 sachets of Coral Mine and a KOR DELTA bottle.

Coral Mine - This is a nutritional supplement which comes in powder form, to be added to water. It provides organic mineral salts, obtained from coral that has been collected in Japan. Coral Mine is used as a regulating substance for our physiological pH, with a light but beneficial alkalizing action. The beneficial properties of coral are attributed to the antioxidant effects on our body.

Taken in the morning before a healthy breakfast, it gives energy throughout the day. Coral Mine is a product suitable for everyone, and is especially beneficial in the summer when the heat causes us to lose minerals through sweat. It is extremely beneficial for those engaging in sport as a means to recover quickly after extensive physical activity and to reduce the formation of lactic acid. To learn more about the benefits that Coral Mine offers.

Kor Delta - water bottle with a volume of 750ml. The modern and ergonomic design allows for  easy use whilst riding or cycling.

It is easy to open and has an airtight rubber stopper to prevent any leakage. The mouthpiece, which is also hermetic and ergonomic, has shapes that allow easy cleaning. The Kor Delta shapes are easy to transport in a bag or backpack.

A sachet of Coral Mine dissolved in water, in the ideal Kor Delta water bottle, is an easy way to take care of the body’s well-being throughout the day. Take it with you to the office, school, university and during physical activity.

To purchase in Coral Club the N ° 1 Health Kit, simply take a step, click on price”.

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