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Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Vanilla

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Name in ENG: Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Vanilla


  • Daily Delicious™ Beauty Shake in Vanilla flavour from Coral Club

    The Daily Delicious Beauty Shake is a unique blend of balanced proteins derived from plant and animal origin, essential vitamins and minerals that are selected carefully to promote glowing skin, healthy hair, nails, connective tissue and care for your overall wellness. There are three natural flavours for you to choose from.

    Key ingredients that make Daily Delicious Beauty Shake unique:

    Collagen Verisol®

    The Beauty Shake is a good source of high quality Collagen Peptide Verisol® in hydrolysed form. Hydrolysed collagen is the most bio-available source of collagen that does not require almost any modification and can be utilised by your body straight after consumption.

  • Collagen together with vitamin C contributes to healthy skin, its firm tissue formation, elasticity, good tone and youthful appearance.

    Other benefits of daily collagen intake includes:

    - supports joint health

    - promotes a healthy gut

    - improves liver function

    - reduces inflammation strengthens hair, nails and teeth

    These essential nutrients (when consumed on a daily basis) will revitalise your health and regenerate your overall wellbeing.

    Balanced Vitamins and Minerals

    The Beauty Shake provides a well balanced combination of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, B complex and minerals including Selenium, Copper and Magnesium. In total with each portion you receive 11 beauty nutrients specifically chosen to promote your health, youth and vitality.

  • Slim Challenge or Healthy Meal on the GO

    Daily Delicious Shake can become an essential part of your life if you are looking to substitute one meal with a low calorie but nutrient dense shake. It is a convenient and delicious weight management mix that provides all the essential nutrients your body needs to function properly.

  • Beauty Daily Delicious is also designed for people with a busy and demanding lifestyle who don’t have time to cook, but would like a healthy meal replacement.

    It contains a good ratio of proteins, minerals and vitamins for a healthy body, beautiful skin and sharp mind. 

    Daily Delicious is a unique blend that nourishes your body from inside to reflect outside! It does not contain sugar, which makes it suitable for people with Diabetes.

    How to make a Daily Delicious Beauty Shake:

    1 carrot
    1 banana
    1tsp of cinnamon
    10 almonds (soaked over night)
    250ml of nut milk (I like Coco Dairy Free)
    1 scoop of protein of Daily Delicious Beauty Shake

    Pour all of the ingredients into the blender, blend together and enjoy!

    Buy Daily Deliciousтм Beauty Shake Vanilla in Coral Club England in one simple step: click on "price" and checkout.

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