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Tasty B lime flavor

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The release form: 30 chewable tablets

Name in ENG: Tasty B lime flavor


Tasty B complex with the irresistible taste of Lime from Coral Club, England, UK

Tasty B in from Club UK is a combination of the B vitamins group with a delicious and refreshing lime taste.

Nowadays, the average daily diet is not capable of providing the right amount of B vitamins that our body needs for optimum health. The Vitamin B group is essential for producing energy, repairing and regenerating our cells in both the immune system and nervous system.

Benefits of Tasty B:

  • - supports energy production

  • - regulates the cardiovascular system

  • - promotes a healthy body metabolism

  • - maintains optimal function of the nervous system

  • - gives a sense of serenity, improves mood and reduces irritability

How does Tasty B contribute to health and well-bring?

B1 - Thiamine is needed to support metabolic process, especially the conversion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats into simpler substances in order to produce energy. Vitamin B1 is important for increasing the function of the nervous system. Adequate Tiamina intake optimises cognitive function, improves mental capacity, memory and concentration. People who take  adequate amounts of B vitamins, especially Tiamina, generally feel a sense of emotional balance.

B2 - Riboflavin is important for aviation of ATP cellular production of energy. It is also required for the proper functioning of the metabolism. Riboflavin contributes to healthy sight, protecting the retina from damaging UV rays and contributes to acute sight. It contributes to the health of skin and hair, making them appear radiant, as well as strengthening nails.

B3 - Niacin, as well as Riboflavin and Thiamine. is part of the cellular metabolism process, and is key for energy production. Niacin promotes a healthy balance of cholesterol, preventing the build up of plaque that contributes to cardiovascular diseases. It is particularly useful for people who are subjected to daily stress because it notably eases the mind from emotional unrest and crisis.

B5 - Pantothenic acid is the major contributor to the healthy function of the brain, as it participates in the forming of neurotransmitters. Pantothenic Acid helps to fortify the body against stress and is a natural remedy and prevention of depression. Among the other benefits that vitamin B5 offers is the reduction in the frequency of infections through the strengthening of the immune system.

B6 - Piridoxin in combination with B9 and B12 is needed for the healthy conditioning of the central nervous system as well as the cardiovascular system. Like other B vitamins, Piridoxin is partially responsible for B12 assimilation and is a part of the energy production in the ATP cycle.

B7 - Biotin contributes to the division of cells, RNA synthesis and ATP (free energy) production.

Biotin, can be called the "Queen of Female Beauty,” as it contributes to the health and beauty of hair and nails. It works towards the building of keratin protein. In addition, Biotin is a part of the protein structure of collagen that makes our skin elastic and toned.

B9 - Folic Acid is a well known vitamin due to its active action in the development and regeneration of all the body’s tissues, particularly in the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Folic Acid, as with other B vitamins, participates in the carbohydrate transformation cycle and the production of ATP energy. Vitamin B9 acts actively in the metabolic processes of the liver and improves its efficiency.

B12 - Cyanocobalamin is needed for the correct function of red blood cells and is therefore key for preventing anaemia. Vitamin B12 is an essential component for increasing energy and resistance to daily stress. It improves mental state, concentration and physical power in everyday life.

Tasty B, unlike other products containing the Vitamin B group, boasts a natural and delicious taste. It offers all the B vitamins in a single soft-textured tablet, which dissolves in the mouth and can be taken after meals.

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