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Synergizer orange & mango

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Name in ENG: Synergizer orange & mango


Orange & Mango Synergizer from Coral Club UK

Synergizer is a dynamic new product that delivers energy resources directly to the body when it is needed. A refreshing taste with aromas of orange and mango, this supplement is an excellent way to get an efficient vitality charge and to enrich the organs with necessary micro-elements just when they are needed.

Main benefits:

- regulates metabolism
- optimises brain activity
- reduces bad cholesterol

- no unwanted side effects
- removes toxins from the body
- provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids

- guarantees a boost for physical and mental work


The use of this product can be called the "ecological method" to obtain sufficient energy. It is characterised by a unique composition of guarana extract, green tea extract, glucose, sucrose and maltodextrin, L-carnitine, glucuronolactone and amino acids.

Guarana extract has a toning effect, improves metabolism, purifies and removes toxins from the body.

Green tea extract promotes weight loss, regulates the amount of sugar in the blood, reduces harmful cholesterol.

Glucose, sucrose and maltodextrin directly supply the body with energy potential.

L-carnitine prevents disorders of the nervous system, increases human resistance, promotes mental activity.

Glucuronolactone is responsible for glycogen formation.

The amino acid complex acts on the blood circulation, helps to optimise the cardiovascular system and stabilises mental health.

Note that the caffeine of guarana and green tea is assimilated little by little and has a cumulative effect without causing sudden changes in activity. The tannins present in these plants improve and prolong the absorption of caffeine and at the same time do not negatively affect the heart.

Orange and mango give a bright and rich taste to the product.

This supplement represents an excellent resource in moments of particular psychophysical fragility.

Synergizer therefore helps to overcome moments characterised by a heavy workload or emotional and mental stress.

It is an ideal remedy for those who need support for concentration or memory.

Synergizer is a delicious drink, and is therefore a pleasant break in the frenetic pace of daily rhythms!

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