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Silver-Max Care 118 ml

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The release form: 118 ml

Name in ENG: Silver-Max Care


Silver Max Care from Coral Club United Kingdom (UK)

Silver Max Care, a supplement based on colloidal silver, has extraordinary antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial actions.

The technique used to produce this product means that the silver is highly soluble in water, which therefore ensures its quality and efficiency.

Thanks to silver ions, microbial proliferation on the skin surface is inhibited, and is therefore particularly suitable for those suffering from skin problems.

Silver Max Care is highly beneficial for the following:

  • - for soothing skin irritations

  • - as a powerful anti-fungal agent

- protecting skin from flaking and dryness

  • - to activate cellular regenerative processes

- high anti-microbial and anti-bacterial potential

- improving skin tone and the health of the skin

- promoting healing of dermal tissues from wounds and scars

- treating common ailments like sinus colds, without the need for synthetic drugs

The fields of use of colloidal silver:

Colloidal silver proves effective in the treatment of ringworm (Tinea Captiis), a fungus present on the skin; recognisable by the round spots and scales, it is highly contagious.

This solution provides much benefit for the treatments of diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, and contributes to the healing of burns.

This supplement quickly counteracts viral or bacterial attacks on the eye or ear, thanks to the silver colloids that attract magnetic infectious particles, which then flow into the bloodstream, to be eliminated.

It is highly effective in combating various bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It is suitable for all those who wish to fight infections avoiding the use of traditional antibiotics. In fact, colloidal silver does not produce resistance or immunity in the eliminated bacteria.

This product is also used in trials to treat of HIV / AIDS, herpes and herpes zoster, pneumonia and warts.

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