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Shark Liver Oil

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The release form: 60 capsules

Name in ENG: Shark Liver Oil


Shark Liver Oil from Coral Club England, UK

This supplement is a rich source of highly concentrated and encapsulated shark liver oil, which offers multiple well known benefits.

Supplementation with shark liver oil has been effective in cases of immune deficiency, frequent infections and allergic disorders. This supplement is also advised when addressing any skin or mucus tissues conditions like eczema, psoriasis, lungs or throat issues and improving heart health.

The benefits of this product are exceptional, and for this reason it is also called "Marine Gold":

-  Boosts immune defence

  • - Increases blood oxygenation

  • - Defends from abnormal cell production

-  Prevents the onset of allergic conditions

-  Improves the condition of the respiratory system

-  Improves the well-being of the cardio-circulatory apparatus and prevents its pathologies

-  Ensures effective and rapid recovery from debilitating conditions due to stress or physical exertion

-  Slows tissue ageing and fights dermatological disorders (eg psoriasis, eczema)

The exceptional properties of Coral Club UK's Shark Liver Oil:

This supplement is formulated from the precious component from which it takes its name, known for centuries for its health promoting potential. It began to be used a long time ago, to prevent frequent infections due to immune deficiencies.

In the eighteenth century, for example, it was already used by Norwegian fishermen to alleviate respiratory infections and to facilitate wound healing. Even then, the extraordinary toning properties of this oil were noted.

The oil has therefore become the object of study, to understand what makes it so special and effective. It was thus discovered, in this unique oil the presence of particular lipids, today known as alkylglycerols. They are present in very high concentrations in human breast milk and bone marrow but rare in commonly consumed foods.

Shark oil strengthens our immune system.

The alkylglycerols guarantee the optimisation of the immune system, enhancing the ability to defend against bacterial and viral infections. It therefore increases the body's resistance to flu, colds, fungal aggressions and even allergic reactions.

Balance for organisms and cancer prevention.

The lipids contained in Shark Liver Oil keep the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood perfectly balanced. Alkylglycerols have effective antioxidant properties, in fact they penetrate into our cells and counteract the damaging action of free radicals by expelling them. This action prevents the risk of cell injury, and consequently the risk of production of cancer cells. The antioxidant action of the oil keeps tissue and mucous membranes healthy and gives tone to our whole body.

The product that guarantees to offer a boost to your over all well-being.

This oil reinforces the immune system and supports the body during periods of intense fatigue, stress or convalescence. It supports the cardio-circulatory system, and is therefore indicated in the prevention of the onset of pathologies affecting the heart and blood vessels in predisposed subjects. It stimulates cellular activity effectively and is therefore ideal for those with dermatological problems. It invigorates the body at critical times, such as seasonal changes.

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