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The release form: Coral Mine Silver 30 Sachets, Griffonia, Super Flora, Papaya, Coral Lecithin

Name in ENG: Set "Healthy start"


Healthy Start Programme is available to buy from Coral Club England, UK

Amongst the latest products to be introduced by Coral Club Wellness, is the all new Healthy Start. Suitable for all, this is ideal for those ready to begin a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The Healthy Start programme consists of five Coral Club products. These products help to optimise the digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system. The combination of these elements is able to eliminate toxins, improve metabolism and reduce the effects of environmental, physical and emotional stress.

The set of products in "Healthy Start":

Coral Mine: a combination of minerals to improve our enzymatic activity and restore a physiological pH. This product releases benefits for the whole body through balancing the body’s pH levels, and it’s powerful detoxication and antioxidant actions. For more information on Coral Mine follow this link:

Coral Lecithin: a phospholipid that helps maintain a balanced cholesterol level and acts as a hepatoprotector. Among the components of the biliary liquid there is lecithin, an important substance to prevent the formation of gallstones. In addition to improving liver activity, lecithin supports cardiovascular and the nervous system’s health.

Papaya: a rich source of enzymes such as papain, lipases and lysozymes. Papaya is commonly used to improve the digestibility of foods by promoting the breakdown of proteins in to their simplest compounds, called amino acids, in order to facilitate their absorption.

Super-Flora: to rebalance the intestinal microbiota; a modern symbiotic containing inulin, bifid bacteria and lactobacilli. This formulation promotes the body’s intestinal bacteria to facilitate digestion and to protect against pathogenic species.

Griffonia: used as an antidepressant of plant origin and completely safe. This works to improve the body’s levels of serotonin, also known as the “happiness hormone.” The use of this supplement improves mood, regulates appetite (in particular nervous hunger), increases resistance to stress, and improves both the quality of sleep, as well as the ability to fall asleep more easily.

This powerful combination of supplements, combined  with a balanced diet and adequate physical exercise, will combat feelings of tiredness and stress, improve mood and energy levels and provide many positive physical rewards for the body’s general appearance.

The purchase of the Healthy Start Set is very simple: click the "price" button and proceed with the purchase.

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