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Selenium from Coral Club, England, UK

Selenium is an essential mineral with powerful antioxidant and detoxification benefits. It is a synergist for Vitamin E and therefore can be used to combat the signs of ageing and repair muscle tissue. Selenium is a micro element that is not found in many foods, as such men and women are often deficient in this mineral; however, it is essential for good health and has the added benefit of improving the aesthetics of the body, due to its ability to promote the strong re-growth of hair, skin and nails.

As a mineral found in proteins that help to build muscle tissue, this supplement is recommended for those preparing for surgery and for those recovering from surgery, as it’s regenerative properties are ideal for supporting the body to heal. It is also ideal for supporting cardiovascular health and is therefore beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular problems such as arrhythmias, strokes and cholesterol.  Due to its restoring and regenerative properties, taking this supplement will also help those with skin problems such as acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Selenium is a regulator of enzymes in the body’s systems and as such can balance the production of hormones by the body, therefore, this supplement can be taken both as a preventative measure against hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, as well as for those who already suffer with thyroid imbalances and autoimmune conditions, such as Hashimoto and Graves. As problems with the thyroid count anxiety, depression, irritability and mental dullness amongst its symptoms; this supplement is ideal for those who seek relief from such symptoms. It can combat the side-effects for those who are subjected to excessive mental stress that manifests itself with migraines and difficulty in concentrating.

Included in Selenium from Coral Club UK, is Vitamin C. This powerful combination has a strong antioxidant and detoxification action, and therefore this supplement is of particular benefit for those who live in towns or cities where there is a higher level of pollution. With its immunity boosting properties, this supplement will strengthen the body’s natural protection systems, and therefore is recommended for those who suffer from immune dips that occur with frequent colds, and for people who are more likely to be subjected to viral infections and other pathogenic factors.

As Selenium is found in all cells, a deficiency of this mineral can cause problems with fertility and reproductive health. It is essential that both men and women ensure they have a good level of this trace mineral in order to avoid impaired fertility and to support a healthy pregnancy. It is recommended for improving libido and erectile dysfunction.

Also known for it’s anti-ageing properties, this trace mineral is popular for people who want to improve the condition of not only their skin, but also hair and nails. Brittle nails, dull skin and hair that breaks easily or is slow to grow, can all be improved by taking this all round beneficial supplement.

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