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Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Raspberry

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The release form: 500 g

Name in ENG: Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Raspberry


    • Daily Delicious Beauty Shake in Raspberry flavour from Coral Club

      The Daily Delicious Beauty Shake is a concentrated source of valuable nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and collagen, which are essential for a healthy looking skin, healthy joints, nails and hair.It is available in three flavours; vanilla, raspberry and chocolate.

    • The raspberry flavour is 100% natural and truly delicious, it is the most requested flavour by Coral Club members.

    • What makes the Beauty Shake from Coral Club unique:

      Hydrolysed Collagen

      The unique Daily Delicious Beauty blend is enriched in hydrolysed peptide collagen Verisol® which is essential in supporting skin health, gut health and healthy connective tissue in the body.

    • It is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues such as ligaments,arteries, tendons and bones. Collagen has great tensile strength and is a natural elixir to keep you looking youthful.

      High Protein

      Our formula is high in both plant and animal protein. The combination contains the whole spectrum of amino acids, both essential and non essential. These are crucial in our daily diet to promote healthy bodily function and growth.

      Rich source of Vitamins and Minerals

    • Daily Delicious Beauty Shakes contain 11 nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C, PP, vitamin E, B5, B9, Biotin, Magnesium, Selenium and Copper. These vitamins and minerals are carefully selected to care for your hair, skin, nails and overall health daily.

    • No SUGAR

    • Daily Delicious Beauty Shakes come in three popular flavours, naturally formulated with no sugar. It contains erythritol to give it sweetness and it is also suitable for diabetics.

      Erythritol is a great natural sweetener which is contained naturally in some fruit. It is proven to alleviate stress in the digestive system and it doesn’t increase sugar levels in the blood. Itdoesn’t affect dental health.

    • Weight Management and Busy Life

    • Daily Delicious Beauty Shake can be used to substitute a meal if you are on a weight loss programme or just want to have a quick but healthy meal solution when you are in a rush.

    • Natural Ingredients Only in Daily Delicious Beauty Shake

      All our delicious nourishing and revitalising shakes are created with GMO free ingredients, specially formulated to not only taste good, but also assist and stimulate your daily wellness and vitality.

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