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Name in ENG: Prenatal+


Prenatal + from Coral Club England, UK

Prenatal + is a product, specifically designed with quality in mind, to ensure the healthy development of the foetus during pregnancy. This supplement, if taken regularly, will support and strengthen the healthy growth of the foetus, encouraging a harmonious and healthy development. 

A healthy pregnancy with the right balance of nutrients for a growing foetus, is known to provide the greatest chance for a healthy delivery and for the healthy development of the child.

The careful balance and quality of this important supplement, is a result of careful research carried out in the Coral Club laboratories. It is a rich source of essential nutrients which contribute to the development and all round well-being of the child. Each dose includes:

- Selenium and Zinc
  • - Vitamins of group B
  • - Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA)
  • - a combination of vitamin D and vitamin 12

Benefits of Prenatal + from Coral Club UK:
  • - protects the mother’s health

  • - provides fundamental nutrients for a healthy foetus

  • - lowers the chance of complications during delivery

  • - supports the correct development of the foetus

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA), known above all for the strengthening properties of blood vessels, this key ingredient supports the development of the nervous system, brain and the eyes. Benefits also include strengthening capillaries, balancing cholesterol and reduces the risk of premature delivery.

Vitamin D is essential for the formation of bone structure. A deficiency during the pregnancy can lead to the onset of rickets in the child and a possible deformation of the bone structure.

Selenium and Zinc, contribute to the strengthening muscle, the vertebral column and the tissue of the heart. A lack of selenium, particularly in the earlier stages of pregnancy, has been shown to be a predictor of lower birth weight.

B vitamins are essential for any human being, as they are key for neurological processes and muscle tone of the gastrointestinal tissue. B vitamins are known to be the foundation for healthy metabolic processes.

Vitamins B9 (folic acid) together with Vitamin B12, are essential for both healthy foetal formation and for the health of the mother. Vitamin B12 is also key for supporting the health of the nervous system. B12 and B9 when combined have also been associated with the prevention of spina bifida as well as other birth defects associated with the spine and central nervous system in babies. Folic acid, in particular, is recommended as a supplement for women who are pregnant by healthcare providers.

Vitamin E is well known primarily for its antioxidant properties. It is also an important vitamin for supporting and strengthening the immune system and for the transmission of signals between cells; guaranteeing support to the organism of the pregnant woman and for the prevention of miscarriage.

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