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The release form: 500 ml

Name in ENG: Phytoviron


Stop viruses and bacteria replication with PhytoViron by Coral Club!

PhytoViron by Coral Club is a mix of concentrated plant extracts specifically chosen to build up our immune system resistance against viral and bacterial infections. Maybe never getting sick is impossible. But having an organism ready to react, defend and overcome the disease, however, is very possible thanks to Coral Club's PhytoViron.

What is Coral Club PhytoViron?

Coral Club PhytoViron is a blend of plant extracts at maximum concentration aimed at strengthening our immune system. Viruses and bacteria have always existed and will always exist. And - in the opinion of virologist and infectious disease experts - epidemics will be very frequent in the future. So viruses that we didn't know before are now part of our lives. And the solution certainly cannot be staying forever indoors. So what to do?

The answer is simple but crucial: we must strengthen our physiological defences. And Coral Club's PhytoViron does just that: to make our defences strong and ready to repel attacks from the outside.

A strong immune system, in fact, allows us, at best, not to be invaded by viruses. Or, in case we contracted them, to defend ourselves and win without paying serious consequences. Simply, PhytoViron is a bit like an armored door that protects us from thieves. We can't stop thieves from trying to get into our house, but we can repel them with a well secured door!


Coral Club PhytoViron is in liquid form, it is taken as a syrup: one or two measuring spoons a day. Once opened, it must be kept in the refrigerator so that the active ingredients do not lose their effectiveness.

What is Coral Club's PhytoViron made of to be so effective?

Here in detail the extracts it contains.

- Aloe, licorice root, horsetail, astragalus, scutellaria red sage. These ingredients work on innate and acquired immunity.

- Rosemary, gentian, birch extract, juniper berries, angelica root. These extracts inhibit the development of pathogens.

- Rhodiola root, Chaga mushroom, echinacea purpurea, Eleutherococcus. Improve the adaptability of body and mind and, therefore, help to better cope with the stress that weakens the immune system.

Coral Club PhytoViron is very useful in both situations to prevent weakening of the immune system and when the immune system is in fight, it speeds up the healing process and lessens the sickness symptoms. It is also a fantastic remedy in times of convalescence to recover energy.

Coral Club PhytoViron is a product suitable for everyone. Particularly useful for the elderly and people with impaired immunity.

In addition to PhytoViron it is recommended to integrate also with these extraordinary Coral Club products.

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Pau D’arco: excellent support for the respiratory tract, inflammatory processes and problems of the urogenital system.

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