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PhytoMix for Men

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The release form: 60 softgel capsules

Name in ENG: PhytoMix for Men


PhytoMix Man, Coral Club's natural supplement specifically designed to support men's health and well-being.

Men's health and well-being have one main enemy: the prostate, or rather prostate disorders. Associated with these disorders are sometimes minor but equally annoying discomforts such as hair loss, which can be difficult for some men to come to terms with.

To combat these unwanted side effects, Coral Club has created a specific supplement for men: PhytoMix Men which is available in the UK.

PhytoMix Man has the following benefits:

- prevents hair loss;

- helps fight against cardiovascular diseases that particularly target men;

- helps to prevent inflammation in the body, including the prostate;

Active principles of PhytoMix Man:

PhytoMix Man of Coral Club is highly effective because it is composed of highly active and specific natural ingredients that target common health concerns associated with men’s health.

The main components of PhytoMix Men's Coral Club are:

  • Lycopene: this is the most present element in the plasma of the human being. The lycopene contained in PhytoMix Men is essential to normalize cholesterol levels in the blood, keep blood pressure under control and, therefore, support the health of the cardiovascular system, preventing heart disease.

  • Pumpkin seed oil: this precious component of PhytoMix Men, has a dual function. It strengthens the hair which can help to prevent hair fall and it prevents inflammation of the prostate. In the case of ongoing inflammation, it relieves the associated discomfort.

  • African plum extract: this helps reduce inflammation and fight prostate problems.

  • Rosemary leaf extract: rosemary extract improves blood circulation, counteracting stagnation in the prostate area that can cause inflammation and pain. It also plays a valuable antioxidant role, slowing the ageing of the body. 

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