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Name in ENG: ParaFight


ParaFight from Coral Club UK

ParaFight is a combination of herbs and plant extracts that has been used for centuries for their anti-parasitic properties.

The human body is a great resource and place to feed, multiply and thrive for parasite of all kinds including helminths, protozoa, bacteria, fungus, yeast and viruses.

The modern rushed lifestyle, lack of movement and processed foods create an even more suitable environment for parasites. 

Among the most common parasites we have are fungal-yeast overgrowth resulting in candida or thrush, viral infections manifesting in cold sores, seasonal colds and flu, Giardiasis and Cryptom single cell protozoa manifesting with diarrhoea and Threadworms (a well know helminth in kids).

ParaFight is specifically designed to fight the parasitic invaders naturally and prevent them from reoccurring. It can be safely used in a preventative treatment or during the seasonal cleanse.

ParaFight fits very well in a gut healing protocol to suppress dysbiosis that is caused by bad bacteria overgrowth.

ParaFight Key Ingredients:

Black Walnut  - the best, well known anti-parasitic, because it contains multiple active compounds which act against fungal, bacterial and helminth invasion. Black Walnut is also a very effective intestinal cleanser and high source of organic iodine, juglone and tannins.
Juglone - inhibitspathogenic and commensal bacte­ria such as Candidaand contribute to regular bowel movements. Flavonoids and tannins help to reduce inflammation, relax intestinal muscle tissues which improve bowel movements and they protect mucous membrane, thereby speeding up the healing process. Black Walnut will affect parasites at all stages.

Clove - well known for it’s anti-inflammatory action and a great remedy with anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic properties. Clove will perform its action on both eggs and the adult stages of parasites.

Gentian - is a well known remedy in anti-parasite cleanses, it creates an unpleasant environment in the intestine which forces parasites to leave the body with the faecal matter. This root also helps to stimulate circulation, lessen symptoms caused by parasitic infections and strengthen the digestive tract. Gentian is effective for most parasites but especially for the early stages of Toxocara.

Camomile- has a very calming effect on the digestive system with soothing healing properties. Camomile is also known to be effective against intestinal worms.

Long Pepper - is well know for its strong antiseptic and anti-parasite properties. It also helps the body to increase circulation which speeds up toxin elimination derived from die off of parasites.

Other well known herbs and extracts that are used in ParaFight are Yarrow, Althaea, Garlic, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Black Cumin and Thyme.

ParaFight is a unique combination with a wide variety of anti-parasitic, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is safe to use for humans whereas harmful and poisonous for parasites. ParaFight creates unsuitable environment for all parasites and inhibit their reproduction.

How to use ParaFight

Take one capsule three times a day 15 minutes before each meal.

ParaFight Ingredients from Coral Club

Black Walnut, Clove,Gentlan, Chamomile, Long Pepper Fruit, Yarrow, Althaea Root, Garlic, Mint, Thyme, Sage,Oreganoand other ingredients.

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