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Papaya from Coral Club UK, England

This supplement contains a concentrate of papaya enzymes. Papaya tablets are produced from the papaya fruit’s pulp that has matured, and are processed to preserve the quality and dense nutritional value of this delicious exotic fruit.

The intake is particularly recommended for those who suffer from digestive problems, for those who need to regain their strength after a period of illness, and for those who face times in their lives where they are under mental or physical stress.

Papaya is also an effective supplement and commonly used in anti-parasitic programs for both adults and children.

Benefits of Papaya from Coral Club UK

  • - stimulates activity in the intestines

  • - regenerates the mucosa found in the gastrointestinal tract

  • - promotes good digestion and has an antiseptic action in the intestine

  • - has an antioxidant action, gentle laxative effect, and anti-inflammatory properties

Papaya Properties from Coral Club UK

Papaya is a treasure chest full of healthy substances! In its pulp we find good sugars, proteins, a rich vitamin-mineral complex and key enzymes. Enzymes are essential components that work to boost the body’s digestive health.

The most common enzyme contained in this nutritious fruit is papain. Papain acts in a  unique way, carrying out its action in neutral and alkaline environments, favouring digestive processes in all digestive tract.

Papain proves beneficial especially for digestion, and in particular for foods with protein content.

The papain splits the proteins into amino acids, thus providing a rapid assimilation. Being the amino acids, the "bricks" to build new cells, the intake of papaya benefits all the processes in the body.

Papain also benefits from cell renewal, thus keeping the tissues young. In fact, it breaks down the proteins of arginine, an essential amino acid, with properties that stimulate the production of the growth hormone (GH), which is able to activate a of the genes behind the tissue regeneration process.

In papaya we also find lysozyme, an enzyme with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action.

Lysozyme acts as an aid to the immune system as it can damage the coating structure of gram-positive bacteria and viruses. It reduces the inflammatory phase and at the same time accelerates the purification from microbial agents, laying the foundations necessary for the start of the reparative processes.

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