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The release form: 100 capsules

Name in ENG: OpiStop


OpiStop from Coral Club England, UK

This complex of plant elements has been specifically formulated as an antiparasitic. In particular it fights off the infestations by the worm Opistorchis Felineus, the cause of the parasitosis called precisely opistorchiasis, which attacks the liver.

The substances that make up this innovative product perform three functions at the same time: antiparasitic, emollient and colagogue.

The beneficial effects of OpiStop from Coral Club UK:

  • - Tones the organism

  • - Stimulates metabolic processes

  • - Improves gastrointestinal function

  • - Soothes inflammatory gastrointestinal states

  • - Performs an extremely effective anthelmintic action

The properties of OpiStop from Coral Club UK:

The plant mix of this antiparasitic contains tremolo bark extract, tansy, wild rose extract, yarrow extract, liquorice and chilli. It destroys the structure of the worms causing them to die off, and simultaneously performs a beneficial effect for the gall bladder and the liver.

The tremolo and the tansy have powerful antiparasitic capacities, and in particular they are effective against Opistorchis. They regulate gastrointestinal functions and tone muscle tissues in the digestive tract.

The wild rose is rich in vitamins, carotene, phenols and flavonoids. These elements promote the production of bile, stimulate diuresis and confer energy and tone to the body.

Achillea millefoglie also has choleretic properties, promotes the restoration of intestinal mucosa and reduces inflammation.

Chili pepper and licorice stimulate metabolic functions, improve digestive processes and normalize gastrointestinal motility.

OpiStop is highly recommended in case of parasitosis, and is effective against opisthorchiasis, ascaridiasis, lambliasis and enterobiasis.

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