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ONESTACK: Mental Force

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ONESTACK Mental Force from Coral Club United Kingdom

ONESTACK Mental Force is a complete program to support and reinforce cognitive function. It includes 8 products and is divided into 3 phases, each lasting 10 days. Accurately following the program through all the phases brings lasting benefits.

This program helps us to keep our brain active and more productive, especially during periods of high stress and mental fatigue.

It is a product recommended to all because, due to stress, frenetic rhythms or nutritional deficiencies, we can all incur periods of mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue.

It is particularly suitable for the following categories of people:

- those suffering from anxiety;

- those suffering from insomnia;

- those who find it hard to concentrate;

- those who study or perform jobs that require strong concentration;

- those who notice deterioration in memory both short and long term;

- those who, due to illness or heavy periods, feel devoid of mental energy.

Benefits of ONESTACK Mental Force from Coral Club UK:

A tired brain worsens the quality of life in every aspect: at work it is hard to stay focused and to give your best; you don't want to go out with your friends or with your partner; you can't do sport; one often feels irritable and depressed; paradoxically, when the mind is tired, it is even more difficult to sleep.

The ONESTACK Mental Force program allows you to regain that mental energy necessary to perform all your daily activities: study, work, sport, family, outings with friends. It also improves the quality of sleep, as it helps to regulate the "sleep / wake" rhythm. Not least it counteracts the declines and mood swings, favouring emotional stability and serenity. All this greatly improves quality of life, enabling you to live each day well.

The main benefits of this program are that it:

- stabilizes mood;

- increases mental energy;

- improves long-term memory;

- improves short-term memory;

- regulates the sleep / wake cycle;

- improves intellectual performance;

- increases the ability to concentrate.


The complete program includes 8 products.

MindSet: a complex of plant extracts, vitamins and amino acids. It brings essential nutrients to the brain and promotes blood circulation. It supports memory and helps normalise the sleep/wake rhythm and reduce stress.

Coral Magnesium: Magnesium is a very important mineral to relieve physical and mental tension. It reduces anxiety, irritability and promotes concentration.

Coral Taurine: Taurine is a precious amino acid that stimulates the brain, improves its oxygenation and, therefore, produces positive effects on all brain activity.

Spirulina: a potent fresh water algae, rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins (contains vitamins A-group B-C-E-K) and minerals important for cognitive abilities and proper brain function. It is one of the most powerful energy boosters of plant origin.

Coral Lecithin: a natural source of Phospholipids, essential for the construction of nerve cell membranes. They favour the rapidity of brain responses and, therefore, improve concentration and cognitive, intellectual but also creative activities.

Coral Carnitine: amino acid with invigorating function. Carnitine supplies "fuel" to the mitochondria, that is, the energy centres of the brain. In this way it promotes all activities and counteracts the aging of brain cells.

Omega 3/60: omega 3s are essential fatty acids. Our body is not able to produce these by itself and, therefore, must necessarily be introduced with nutrition and integration. They are key natural antioxidants and are involved in all the body's metabolic activities. Their lack can lead to the appearance of anxiety, mood swings, worsening of memory and difficulty concentrating.

Coral Mine: is a mineral complex based on coral that purifies water and enriches it with minerals, essential for brain health.

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