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Omega 3/60 - 90 capsules

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The release form: 90 capsules

Name in ENG: Omega 3/60


Omega 3/60 from Coral Club England, UK

Omega 3/60 is specifically designed to support the cardiovascular system and to prevent diseases that may affect it. This incredible fatty acid supplement boosts the body’s immunity system, reduce inflammation, balances hormones as well as combating cellular deterioration all thanks to high omega 3.

Omega 3/60 from Coral Club UK provides the following:

- strengthens immunity
- optimises brain function
- regulates cardiac rhythms

- supports the nervous system
- provides the body with more energy
- maintains ideal arterial pressure levels

- protects against cardiovascular diseases
- prevents atherosclerosis and thrombosis
- improves libido and health of the reproductive system

Derived from two main components: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), Omega 3 is made up of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have extraordinary properties, and perform important biological functions.

These precious nutrients boast anti-inflammatory capabilities and antioxidant functions. They are important for managing widespread health conditions such as diabetes, stroke and other serious inflammatory disorders.

The effect of Omega 3 on the cardiovascular system:

Daily intake of this oil reduces the risks of arteriosclerosis as well as disorders of the cardiovascular system. Omega 3 is able to regulate endothelial functions, to modulate inflammation, to inhibit oxidative processes of LDL cholesterol and will reduce the concentration of it within our blood. Polyunsaturated fatty acid prevents blood clots forming in blood vessels, thus improving microcirculation.

The effect of Omega 3 on the nervous system:

In the case of neuro-degenerative diseases, Omega 3 can be extremely beneficial thanks to its antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory action. This product is able to slow down the pathological course, combating degenerative processes and preserving the integrity of lipid membranes, prolonging the function of the nervous system.

Omega 3/60 gives strength not only to our mind, but also to the body, revealing an ally during periods of mental and physical stress.

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