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Omega 3 Oranges

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Omega 3 with the taste of Orange, from Coral Club UK

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that promotes heart health, improves cognitive performance and reduces aggression in children.

What are Omega 3’s and what are they for?

Omega 3’s are an essential fatty acid, meaning that the body is not able to produce them, therefore, they must be introduced through diet. The foods containing the greatest quantities of Omega 3 are fatty fish, for example mackerel and salmon.

The frenetic pace of life does not always allow for a balanced diet that brings all the necessary nutrients. Children particularly tend not to eat enough Omega 3 rich foods.  For this, Coral Club, a leader in the wellness sector and always attentive to people’s health needs, has designed a specific supplement of Omega 3 with a pleasant orange taste that children will love!

Once the Omega 3 essential fatty acids enter the body, they are broken down in to smaller and more easily assimilated units that have the names of EPA and DHA. While working together, each unit has specific properties and brings certain benefits.

DHA supports the well-being of the brain, central nervous system and eyes. EPAs, on the other hand, act positively on the heart, on the immune system and prevent inflammatory states. Together EPAs and DHAs are essential for having and maintaining good physical and mental health, especially in children.

Numerous studies have shown that taking Omega 3 supplements improves children’s concentration, memory and reduces hyperactivity. Coral Club UK’s orange tasting Omega 3, taken regularly, brings the following benefits to children:

  • - supports cognitive development,

  • - reduces irritability and hyperactivity,

  • - improves concentration and memory,

  • - supports motor skills and coordination,

  • - keeps the heart and blood circulation healthy.

Omega 3, if taken during pregnancy, has a positive effect on children’s health even before birth.  Taking an Omega 3 supplement during pregnancy reduces the chances of a premature birth and associated difficulties, such as a lower birth weight.  In addition, supplements of EPA and DHA in the diet of pregnant women promote the correct neurological and intellectual development of unborn children, and reduce the possibility of developing allergies after birth. Therefore, Omega 3 helps the health of children before birth, after and throughout life.

Omega 3 from Coral Club UK and children’s academic performance:

Numerous scientific studies link the essential fatty acid Omega 3, DHA in particular, with better behaviour in children, less irritability and hyperactivity, and better concentration.

A study by the University of Oxford has monitored 500 children aged 7 to 9 years.  The study found that children who had higher levels of DHA in their blood had better reading skills, better memory, were more careful and less aggressive and irritable.

Omega 3 from Coral Club UK comes in orange flavoured gummy tablets, designed so that children will enjoy the taste. To get all the benefits from Omega 3 from Coral Club, just take 1 tablet a day (children over 3 years) or as directed by your health advisor.

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