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Name in ENG: MindSet


MindSet in Coral Club England, UK

MindSet is a complex specifically formulated to support an individual in times of both physical and mental fatigue. This supplement guarantees an optimal flow of nutrients to the brain by improving blood circulation. This results in improved memory function and concentration. In addition it gives strength and energy to the body, enhancing its resistance to fatigue and stress.

The benefits:

- improves focus

  • - lowers blood pressure

  • - prevents the onset of atherosclerosis

- reduces stress and normalises the Circadian Rhythm (sleep-wake cycle)

  • - acts as an antioxidant for brain cells, therefore, boosting brain activity and improving circulation, but without creating drowsiness

MindSet in Coral Club UK is a concentrate of wellness for the mind and body.

This product is composed of fundamental elements to keep the brain and body in optimal condition:

Tyrosine and theanine are key amino acids that work to keep stress at bay. Theanine counteracts the anxiety inducing effects of caffeine and glutamic acid. Tyrosine is the amino acid at the base of the synthesis processes of adrenaline and noradrenaline, both essential for recovery from physiological and physical stress. Both contribute significantly to a positive mood and combat stress; as they participate in the synthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid, known for the contrastive action of anxiety and emotional crisis.

Tyrosine and theanine benefit the memory and balance the nervous system, the adrenal glands and the pituitary gland.

B vitamins (B6, B9 and B12), perform a beneficial action on the nervous system, with their overall balancing effect. They have the ability to promote recovery after critical moments at a psychophysical level. Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 have a beneficial effect on sleep, as they normalise the Circadian Rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). They also prevent the onset of negative brain alterations and pathologies of various origins. A group B complex of vitamins, are also important for good quality sleep, and can assist in managing the recovery phases from critical stress points.

The Reishi mushroom or Ganoderma Lucidum have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. It has extraordinary therapeutic properties, so much so, that it is also known as the fungus of immortality. It possesses regenerative properties of organic tissues, confers tonicity, and importantly, alleviates any over stimulation of the nervous system. It performs a  balancing action on the nerves’ cells and therefore, high quality sleep is guaranteed.

The name Lucidum is not accidental; it is associated with the term lucid, meaning clarity of mind. The active ingredients: extracts of ginger root, ginkgo biloba and rosemary are naturally effective in inhibiting cellular oxidation processes. They have a toning action of the blood vessels and of the nervous system. It has been shown to have beneficial and fortifying properties at the vascular level, especially in improving blood circulation within the brain, and are effective in reducing blood pressure.

Lipoic acid is endowed with remarkable antioxidant capacities, and performs an effective contrastive action of free radicals; defending the mitochondria from aggression. The active lipoic acid as coenzyme works to energetically integrate the brain cells, performing a beneficial antioxidant action.

MindSet is beneficial to all, thanks to its important regenerative properties for both mind and body. It keeps active the intellectual faculties; defending them from the degenerative effects of stress, and restoring vigour to the organism.

This complex is therefore particularly recommended for times of physical endurance, emotional stress and when it is necessary to adjust to major life changes; both of a physical or psychological nature.

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