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Microhydrin from Coral Club UK

Microhydrin is the most powerful antioxidant in pico-ionic form that neutralises fee radicals in circulation.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are unstable compounds because they lost an electron in a chemical reaction and they require an electron for stability. They steal electrons from healthy cells which affects normal cell function resulting in mutation or death.

Understanding Microhydrin from Coral Club

Microhydrin is a powerful blend of organic minerals in ionic form. This unique combination provides alkaline minerals to the body and makes extracellular water enter the cell and hydrate it, hence the name micro = very small and hydrin = hydration possible thanks to negatively charged hydrogen atoms.

When Mycrohidrin is added to filtered water it makes the water “active” by donating negatively charged elections. Negatively charged water is naturally present in a few natural springs in the world, the places with such water have been long known for their health promoting benefits and longevity.

What makes Microhydrin unique is the fact that it is the safest antioxidant known so far, unlike other antioxidants once in circulation Microhydrin stops the free radical chain by providing the hydrogen ion that free radicals need to stabilise.

Other antioxidants (including vitamin C and E) having performed their action as an antioxidant, become an unstable molecule or free radical generating a “free radical cascade”. That’s why when taking other antioxidants it is highly advisable to take Microhydrin because it is the only antioxidant that does not oxidise after being in contact with free radical.

Benefits of Microhydrin from Coral Club

- supports heart health

  • - promotes energy production

  • - defends from free radical damage

  • - reduces recovery time after exercise

  • - contributes to healthy looking skin, nails and hair

  • - hydrates and detoxifies cells and the lymphatic system

  • - improves immunity by decreasing free radical damage

  • - increases stamina during physical and mental activities

  • - reduces lactic acid build up after exercise and speeds up recovery time

How to use Microhydrin from Coral Club:

To get the best outcome, it is recommended to open a capsule and dissolve it in a pint (500ml) of warm water and drink it on rising, before or during exercise.

Adding the powder from the capsule to your smoothies or juices will maintain the freshness for longer.

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