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Microhydrin Plus

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Microhydrin Plus from Coral Club UK

Microhydrin Plus is a top antioxidant blend containing the strongest antioxidant in pico-ionic form combined with vitamin C, Nicotinamide and Selenium. This combination is the best option to efficiently neutralise fee radicals for healthy longevity.

The Microhydrin Plus is also enriched with powerful plant antioxidants that take care for your liver, where most of the toxins are processed and an extra antioxidant support is needed.

Key ingredients for Microhydrin Plus from Coral Club

Alkaline Organic Blend of Essential Minerals

Microhydrin Plus is rich in Potassium, Magnesium and Silica. These minerals improve water quality, essentially the ORP and pH. They provide energy and hydration on the cellular level, supporting good immunity, reducing lactic acid and physical endurance and supporting cardiovascular health. To find out more about ORP and pH click here:

Other Antioxidants in Microhydrin Plus

The Microhydrin Plus unique blend contains the following additional powerful antioxidants:

Vitamin C - one of the most needed vitamins that our body requires on a daily basis to keep our immune system strong, also our connective tissue including blood vessels, ligaments and skin healthy. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen formation; lack of vitamin C among many health problems also results in dull, wrinkly skin.

Selenium - it is the most needed mineral for metabolic processes, essential for proper thyroid function and antioxidant protection.

Quercetin - is one of the most resourced antioxidants with good clinical results in lowering inflammation, reducing allergies, lowering pain and supporting heart health.

Green Tea - rich antioxidant with a high capacity to protect against free radicals.

Milk Thistle - has been know and used for centuries to support liver function, reduce cholesterol, detoxify the liver and boost Glutathione production. 

 N-Acetyl L -Cystein - precursor for the strongest antioxidant in the body Glutathion (GSH), which plays a crucial role in defending the body from oxidation on the intracellular level. Bodily organs that have an increased demand for this antioxidant are the liver, lungs and brain.

Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA)- is a strong enzymatic antioxidant involved in the energy creation cycle called Kreb’s Cycle. ALA is an essential compound in the metabolic transformation of macronutrients for energy creation. Unlike other antioxidants, ALA has a very unique structure because it is at the same time water and a fat soluble antioxidant, which makes it prompt in its action to any cell or tissue.

Benefits of Microhydrin Plus from Coral Club

  • - supports longevity

  • - promotes energy metabolism

  • - improves immunity and endurance

  • - reduces recovery time after an illnesses

  • - defends from damage caused by free radicals

  • Directions for Microhydrin Plus from Coral Club:

Take one capsule mid morning with a glass of warm water and one capsule mid afternoon with a glass of warm water.

To find our more about the original Microhydrin formula please click here.

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