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Mega Acidophilus

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The release form: 90 capsules

Name in ENG: Mega Acidophilus


The product is highly beneficial for cases of microbial imbalances, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and alcohol misuse. This supplement improves absorption of nutrients, eliminates flatulence, and is effective against constipation. The product activates immune response of a human body.

  • Product contains lacto- and biphidobacterium (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis);

  • Assists in microflora balance restoration, improves digestion of nutritions, vitamins and minerals, protects the body from pathogenic microorganisms and prevents diseases, and activates the immune system.

Mega Acidophilus Key Benefits

Mega Acidophilus includes highly beneficial Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus that normalize digestion and digestive tract, inhibit the effect of pathogenic microbial flora, and protect the body from the toxic effects of their metabolites.

Mega Acidophilus Ingredients

Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are the basis ingredients in human microbial flora. They inhibit toxic effects of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, and promote growth of other beneficial probiotic cultures.

These ingredients are involved in the synthesis and absorption of vitamins, and contribute to the development of the essential amino acids.

These probiotic cultures and enzymes promote a healthy digestion; they boost the breakdown of fats, reduce blood cholesterol, and normalize lipoprotein and phospholipid levels.

This dietary supplement regulates peristalsis and prevents the development of flatulence.

Mega Acidophilus Usage

Take one or more capsules daily.

In recent years the spread of dysbiosis all over the world has reached biblical proportions, affecting up to 90% of the population. It’s a well known fact that a well functioning gastrointestinal tract determines the well being of the rest of the body and a gastrointestinal tract is only as good as its micro flora. It’s one of the main security systems that blocks disease. 

Mega Acidophilus aims to restore the micro flora to improve the overall condition of the body. The complex includes bifido and lacto bacteria that normalize the function of the gastrointestinal tract, suppresses pathogenic microbes, protect the body from toxins and prevent metabolic disorders. 

Bifidobacteria and lactobacreria make up about 85-90% of the micro flora in the intestine of an adult person. They fight pathogenic microbes, bacteria, and yeasts, suppressing their growth in the intestine while helping the growth of good prebiotic cultures. 

They stimulate the lymphoid system, the production of interferon, immunoglobulin, lymphocytes, and antibodies that mobilize the immune system. 

They participate in the synthesis and digestion of vitamins V, K, D, milk and folic acids, help in the synthesis of indispensible amino acids. and help better digest calcium. 

They actively participate in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, normalize the enzyme digestion of food, accelerate the hydrolysis of proteins and carbohydrates, and produce lactose and metabolic enzymes in the intestinal tract over a long period of time. 

They impact on the lipid metabolism, improving the breakdown of fats, reducing cholesterol, and normalizing the level of lipoproteins and pohspholipids. 

They prevent flatulence and regulate bowel movements. 

Mega Acidophilus will help if you are experiencing:
• Dysbiosis, digestive disorders;
• Nutritional assimilation disorders;
• Intestinal intoxication;
• Allergies;
• Flatulence and constipation.

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