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MagiCal from Coral Club United Kingdom UK

MagiCal plays an important role in maintaining excellent health. As a carefully balanced combination of marine minerals, this supplement is ideal for giving strength to the musculoskeletal system and is therefore recommended to prevent the risk of osteoporosis. Its is also the perfect supplement for those who have calcium deficiency, or to boost recovery from injury or surgery. 

Main benefits

  • - Regulates metabolism.

  • - Strengthens muscles and bone health.

-  Accelerates recovery from physical trauma or surgery.

-  Reduces the risk of diseases as a result of a deficiency in calcium or general mineral imbalance.

Properties of MagiCal:

The body of MagiCal is made up of a unique source of natural marine minerals that come from the Japanese seas. The minerals of these compounds are organic - very bioavailable, meaning they are absorbed easily by the human body.

Calcium is a key element needed by the body. A deficiency in calcium can lead to many diseases such as heart disease, gastrointestinal tract disorders, joint and bone problems. This mineral constitutes around 2/3 of the human skeleton. Calcium is necessary to give bones strength and prevent damage. It is also necessary for effective nerve impulses and to improve motility in joints and muscles. Deficiencies in calcium are most often found in teenagers and women.

Alongside calcium, magnesium is also a key mineral to maintain the health and density of bone tissue; in fact, magnesium supports the body to prevent the loss of calcium and ensure optimal absorption.

Magnesium is known to increase the amount of synthesised proteins in the body and increase the amount of energy produced, by supporting the body’s metabolism. It regulates the cardiovascular system, and works to normalise digestive processes by reducing acidity and therefore lowering the chance of developing various diseases. Magnesium is also used to help relax muscles and boost flexion.

Other key minerals included are copper and zinc which work to heal wounds and prevent various skin diseases. These elements balance blood composition and work to synthesis myelin, which is the material that isolates nerve fibres.

Zinc and copper help heal wounds and prevent the development of skin diseases. They maintain the correct blood composition and participate in the synthesis of myelin, the material that isolates the nerve fibres.

Spirulina contains easily digestible proteins and is nutrient rich. It is an excellent source of B2 and B12 which work to significantly improve the absorption of calcium in to the gastrointestinal tract, ensuring its transport through the body and maintaining a good vitamin-mineral balance.

Silicon is needed to help make collagen, which boosts strength and supports regeneration in tendons, and articular cartilage tissue.

Manganese supports the synthesis of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, which support the optimal functioning of the body’s joints.

MagiCal is the perfect product for those at risk of incurring serious diseases affecting the osteo-muscular system, such as osteoporosis. It is very useful in the case of convalescence and periods of rehabilitation following trauma.

It is ideal for support when the body may encounter mineral deficiencies; especially calcium, and in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders.

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