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The release form: 90 capsules

Name in ENG: LymFlow


LymFlow by Coral Club United Kingdom

LymFlow by Coral Club UK is a unique supplement developed to stimulate the lymphatic system, improving lymph circulation and promoting elimination of toxins and excess water from the body.

The lymph sacs are where toxins are deposited within the body and if these toxins are not properly cleared they can cause metabolic problems. This product, together with an adequate fitness routine, accelerates the flow of lymph facilitating the expulsion of toxins, which in turn helps balance body fluids; discouraging water retention and helping to reduce cellulite formation.

Taking LymFlow is a safe and easy way to increase the resistance of the immune system, many of whose cells actually reside in the lymphatics and keeping it healthy speeds up phagocytic activity.

For more information and to obtain details of our complete lymph cleansing program contact me on 07474 794 947.

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