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Liposomal Vitamin D3

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The release form: 60 ml liquid

Name in ENG: Daily Delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup


Liposomal Vitamin D3 is part of the liposomal line developed by Coral Club England, United Kingdom, London. The Vitamin D3 is one of the most important vitamins for our health. It participate in numerous processes that have an impact on both mental and physical state. Diet alone does not provide adequate amount of it to satisfy our daily needs. People that follow vegan, vegetarian or low fat diet are subjects to very low vitamin D levels. Regular sunshine exposure does help to maintain the vitamin D level, but due to long working hours and low sunshine exposure during autumn, winter and spring its not sufficient.

Coral Club has developed a highly absorbable line of liposomal supplements which includes  Liposomal D3. Thanks to this new technology these supplements are super effective and guarantee a rapid and total absorption.

What is Liposomal Vitamin D3 from Coral Club England?

Liposomal Vitamin D3 from Coral Club is an innovative product that is designed to provide the highest assimilation level and the right amount of vitamin D3 needed by our body.

It is part of the Coral Club line of liposomal supplements. In these supplements the nutrients are encapsulated in tiny blisters like compounds that the body easily assimilates. Liposomes are small spheres of phospholipids. Phospholipids are the essential components of the membranes lining our cells. Specifically, Liposomal D3 from Coral Club contains phospholipids derived from sunflower lecithin, so suitable for those who avoid soy products.

When liposomal compound enter the body, it recognised as "similar" to cell membranes. This ensures the highest absorption rate compared to traditional supplements.

Benefits of this liposomal supplement from Coral Club

The role of Vitamin D3 is crucial for the health of the whole body. In the past it was thought that it was important for bones only.

Today, after numerous scientific studies, we know that this is not the case. Certainly D3 is very important for bone health, but it also has a key role for the brain health and also has protective functions against tumors. It is also considered a natural antidepressant, perhaps one of the most effective in the world.

Deficiency of this precious vitamin contributes to low immune system, low mood or depression and all bone related disease such as osteopenia and osteoporosis.

The natural primary source of vitamin D3 is the sun. We should expose ourselves to the sun every day for at least half an hour. This is not always possible for everyone. The foods with high concentration of vitamin D is fatty fish, but we should consume it daily and in large amounts. This can results in accumulation of heavy metals and other fat stubble toxins. The best way to optimise the vitamin D level to prevent deficiency is supplementing with Liposomal D produces by Coral Club with available shipping all over England, United Kingdom, London and to Ireland.

Its most important benefits are

- Helps keep bones healthy and strong.

- Supports memory and cognitive functions.

- Lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

- Counteracts the stress and fatigue of the body and mind.

- Participate in the synthesis of those specific proteins that strengthen the immune system.

The action of this supplement from Coral Club becomes even more effective  when assumed together with Liposomal Vitamin C or Lipososmal Curcumin as they work in synergy.

Liposomal C from Coral Club: accelerates the synthesis of collagen and supports the immune system.

Liposomal Curcumin from Coral Club: has power to act agains cancerous cells and reduce inflammation.

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Liposomal D from Coral Club is available for shipping to England, United Kingdom, London and Ireland, Dublin.

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