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The release form: 120 capsules

Name in ENG: Lax-Max


Lax-Max from Coral Club UK

Lax-Max is a delicate natural laxative, based on plant components. This supplement is carefully designed to include compounds that will facilitate movements of the bowel, as well as restore the microbial flora in the intestinal tract, leading to improved digestion, balance and well-being.

This food supplement is recommended to anyone who seeks to detoxify their body and for those who suffer from constipation.

Benefits of Lax-Max Coral Club UK:

- purifies the body

  • - promotes soft stools

  • - normalises peristalsis

  • - an effective anti-inflammatory

  • - restores the intestinal natural flora

  • - includes natural healing components

  • - fights constipation and it’s unwelcome symptoms, including flatulence

Key ingredients found within Lax-Max Coral Club UK:

Fructooligosacharides, Inulin and Psyllium Husk all work towards improving intestinal peristalsis and soft stool production. They work to improve the quantity of ‘good’ bacteria in the intestines, which also act as antioxidants. Inulin attracts unwanted metals, allowing the body to expel them.

Rhubarb, cascara sagrada, senna and sea buckthorn, are responsible for optimising the health of the colon by helping the body to expel toxins. They also encourage regular movements of the bowel and stimulate the biliary secretion.

Bayberry, black walnut, rosemary, myrtle and clove are responsible for suppressing putrefaction, working against fermentation and beneficially, these components are also anti-inflammatories.

Magnesium oxide is responsible for optimising metabolism and increasing bile production. It promotes intestinal water retention, improves peristalsis and aids the bowel to stay regular.

Coral is responsible for restoring a healthy water to salt ratio in the body, providing key minerals to maintain harmony in the body.

Diatamaceous algae has a natural, effective laxative action. It is also used to kick-start the metabolic system, which works to normalise body mass, and reduce bad cholesterol.

Watercress provides many key vitamins and vital minerals to the body. Additionally, parsley and Pau D'Arco are effective anti-inflammatory compounds.

Echinacea work to rid the body of toxins, increase immunity and optimise the metabolic system.

Vegetable fibres help the intestines to cleanse and also reduce inflammation.

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