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Iron in the Coral Club England, United Kingdom

Iron is a natural supplement containing iron of organic origin, in bisglycinate form. It is the key compound for the prevention or treatment of anaemia. In addition, this supplement increases body energies and the body’s resistance to daily stresses and strains. Often busy lifestyle and an inadequate diet contributes to the low consumption and absorption of iron; particularly in women, because they also loose iron monthly during their menstrual cycle.

As this supplement is derived from an organic form, it is accepted more easily into the body and comes in a form that can be effectively used by the body. Due to its organic nature Iron from Coral Club UK, causes no side effects, such as those you might encounter by taking a non-organic form of iron, which often include problems with bowl movements, upset stomach, a discolouration of teeth.

An iron deficiency leads to chronic fatigue, premature fatigue, weakened immunity and eventually the condition of anaemia.

Benefits of Iron, from Coral Club UK:

  • - improves energy production

  • - saturates the blood with oxygen

  • - prevents the occurrence of anaemia

- maintains optimal levels of blood iron

- increases the immune system’s defences

- promotes the health of skin, nails and hair

- regulates the processes of cellular and tissue respiration

Iron is also an essential ally for the protein found in red blood cells called haemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen to the lungs, tissues and organs. In fact, iron is partly responsible for the healthy production of red blood cells and bodily tissue and therefore it builds the body’s immunity to illnesses.

It is also an important factor in cell differentiation, in the fixation of oxygen in the muscles, in the metabolism of cholesterol and in the oxidation-reductive processes, which again, all work to support and reinforce the immune system’s defences.

Iron, although perhaps known more for the prevention of anaemia, is also used to detoxify the body, protect it from harmful bacteria and stimulate the body’s metabolism. It also has the benefit of improving the strength of nails, particularly those who suffer from brittle nails due to over oxidisation in cells. The actual structure of hair, as well as the pigmentation of it, is also boosted through the supplementation to the diet with iron.

Due to it’s antioxidant action, and regenerative properties, iron is often used to combat certain skin problems which can be as a result of anaemia or a low red blood count, such as rashes, flaky skin and itchy skin.

General fatigue, a low mood and often getting sick can sometimes be the cause of not having enough iron. By taking this supplement a boost in overall health can be achieved by strengthening  the body’s ability to generate healthy blood cells, which in turn leads to a reduction of the symptoms of extreme tiredness, malaise and constantly getting sick.

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