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The release form: 90 capsules

Name in ENG: InflaCor


  • InflaCor from Coral Club UK

    InflaCor from Coral Club UK,  is a carefully blended mixture of components with 100% vegetable origin; based on active substances with properties that work to prevent the degeneration of osteo-cartilage, as well as reduce inflammation. It is specially formulated to benefit the locomotor system.

    Main benefits:

    - Improves the locomotor system

    - Reduces  the inflammatory processes

    - It inhibits the degeneration of bones, cartilage and connective tissue

    Thanks to the substances contained in this beneficial mixture, InflaCor has excellent restorative and toning properties, and benefits the locomotor system in situations of intense stress.

    The Scullcap, together with rosemary, boswellia, hops, nettle and vitamin D has an anti-inflammatory action, reducing pain and swelling in the joints.

    Humulus Lupulus (Hops) is composed of bioactive substances: flavonoids, phenol-carbons and organic acids, all of which have repairing properties for muscle tissue. They will also work to reduce inflammatory processes in the muscles.

    Boswellia Serrata is known for its anti-inflammatory action, whose merit goes to the complex bosvelic acid. Complex bosvelic acid inhibits one of the main causes of inflammation in the spine and periarticular tissues i.e. leukotrienes.

    Acids work to hinder the infiltration of cells in cartilage fluids and thus reduce inflammation and impairment of cartilage in the joints.

    Rosemary, in water-soluble and liposoluble extract, helps to stimulate blood circulation and favour muscle tone. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the sensation of pain and is also a powerful anti-oxidant. It also reduces tension in the muscles and works to alleviate joint swelling.

    In many of the plant components found in this formulation we find calcium combined with vitamin D3, which is very important for bone resistance.

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