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The release form: Coral-Mine - (30 sachets), H-500 - 1 bottle (60 capsules), HydraCel - 60 ml

Name in ENG: HydraMax


HydraMax by Coral Club England - United Kingdom & Ireland

HydraMax by Coral Club is a program comprised of three different supplements. This program by Coral Club is aimed at improving water quality and making it more assimilable for your body.

The products from the program HydroMax by Coral Club England, UK and Ireland transform drinking water properties making them of a better quality, similar to the water which surrounds health cells.

Water is a fundamental element for the general health and well-being of the body and the brain. In fact, our body is composed of around 70% water. All cellular exchanges are compromised if hydration levels are insufficient. Therefore, ensuring optimal levels of hydration at all times is essential.

HydraMax Coral Club benefits:

The quality of the water we normally drink is not always suitable for the needs of our body. It often contains heavy metals and/or other harmful substances whilst also potentially poor in other valuable minerals.

There are also some people who feel dehydrated even when they drink a lot. This happens because the water structure is not always suited to our needs. HydraMax by Coral Club has been designed to improve drinking water and make it a true “elixir of health".

Here are the main benefits of HydraMax produced by Coral Club

- Provides proper hydration.
- Enrich with organic minerals.
- Reduce stiffness and pain in joints and ligaments.
- Has antioxidant properties and therefore, protects cells from oxidative stress.
- Changes the pH and surface tension of water making it more beneficial to our body.
- Increases body and mind energy by promoting proper and better hydration.

HydraMax from Coral Club Components:

The HydraMax by Coral Club is composed of three different supplements which better serves the body’s hydration needs.

1) H-500 by Coral Club in HydraMax

H-500 is a supplement with a strong antioxidant power that helps the body counteract the effects of free radicals. It reduces oxidative stress that damages cells and causes their death. Furthermore, by improving hydration, the energy production of the cells increases.

Cells must be constantly hydrated in order to function at their best. More optimal levels of hydration means better performance at work, in study, in sport but also in daily life.

2) Coral-Mine by Coral Club in HydraMax

Coral-Mine in HydraMax by Coral Club is derived from natural fossilized coral. It makes the water purer and enriches it with organic ionic minerals which promotes the elimination of toxins from the liquid. As a result, it prevents and counteracts digestive problems, metabolic disorders and formation of stones.

3) HydraCel by Coral Club in HydraMax

HydraCel is a product rich in precious mineral that are essential for our well-being. HydraCel by Coral Club from HydraMax modifies the water's pH, reduces surface tension and improves specific conductivity.

It is also able to optimize the effectiveness of the water involved in the biochemical processes that take place in our body. For this reason, it is a very effective supplement to transform water into an authentic "health elixir" in perfect harmony with the our needs.

4) PentoKan by Coral Club in HydraMax

Fantastic course of potassium which is essential for water balance in the body. PentoKan also has Ribose and vitamin C, it has power to deliver vitamin C directly to the cell.

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