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HydraCel - 60 ml

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The release form: 60 ml

Name in ENG: HydraCel


  • HydraCel from Coral Club UK

    HydraCel is a highly concentrated form of mineral substances that improve water surface tension, as well as their mineral composition. This means it is able to change the water’s quality, resulting in the optimisation of the state of tissue fluids found within the lymphatic system and blood. This tincture facilitates hydration and detoxification at the cellular level.

    With benefits for anybody, this product is particularly recommended for those with metabolic problems resulting in unwanted weight gain, insulin resistance, high blood sugar, cellulite, a constant sensation of thirst, and those who have water retention. 

    The main benefits:

    - promotes total cellular hydration;

    • - regulation of intra-cellular quantity of water;

    • - fundamental improvement in the quality of water;

    • - increases bio-availability of nutritional substances;

    • - optimization of biochemical characteristics of fluids;

    - facilitates transport and distribution of nutrients to the body’s cells.

    Magnesium, calcium and silicon make up the main mineral composition of this quality supplement. These elements are characterized by their ability to lower the surface tension of water, therefore improving the mineral supply to the body’s fluids. It an effective supplement that can be taken as a preventative measure against many chronic conditions such as: diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, osteoporosis, as well as cancer.


    The surface tension of water molecules is so important because the liquid in the body’s cells and surrounding cells have specific properties. Tap and bottled water do not have characteristics that satisfy the body's needs. In order to improve water quality, the body resorts to using the energy of other resources and this contributes to the premature ageing process, whereby skin loses its elasticity. 

    By adding HydraCel to drinking water, the surface tension of water is optimized, thus allowing better hydration at an intracellular and intercellular level.

    The hydrogen bond in water molecules possesses a positive ionic charge. This means that in order for a nutrient to penetrate this bond, it must have a negative charge. By using HydraCel, the mineral crystals in water take on a negative ionic charge enabling them to have a magnetic effect and attract water molecules. Liquid crystals are formed in this way; modifying the characteristics of water so that they change from a positive to negative charge, allowing permeability and ensuring that 100% of the nutritive elements are absorbed.

    The colloidal structure ensures that intestinal mucosa can absorb and assimilate in greater percentage liposoluble substances, which are normally impermeable to water. 

    HydraCel is our most powerful and efficient product to improve the quality of drinking water; purifying its properties and perfecting organic biochemical processes. Daily use is essential for promoting a healthy body and to enjoy the regenerative and nourishing properties that such high-quality water offers to the body’s tissues; therefore, guaranteeing optimal hydration to all our cells. 

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