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Healthy gut

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Healthy Intestine Program in Coral Club UK

Coral Club's Healthy Intestine program is a specific program to restore bowel and digestive health; however, this healthy gut program will impact the well-being of the whole body.

The intestine is our second brain and its imbalance causes damage to the health of the whole body. An intestine damaged by poor nutrition, stress, environmental pollution, excessive use of drugs, in particular antibiotics, makes us weaker and exposed to the risk of contracting diseases that can range from simple flu to viruses and inflammation.

Moreover, a dirty intestine, clogged with toxins and mucus, does not allow us to assimilate the nutrients from food and, therefore, even if we eat well, we can experience nutritional deficiencies leading us to always feel weak and tired.

In short, the entire immune ыystem depends on the intestine and, therefore, to have strong immune defences ready to repel the attack of exogenous agents, it is essential to have a healthy, clean and balanced intestine.

Healthy intestine program from Coral Club UK

Coral Club, a leading company in the health and wellness sector, has designed the healthy bowel program, a specific and very effective plan to cleanse the intestine of accumulated toxins and restore the bacterial flora.

The Coral Club healthy Intestine program lasts 30 days and is divided into 3 phases, each lasting 10 days. During this time, it is necessary to drink a lot of fluids to facilitate the expulsion of toxins: at least 1.5l of water a day with the Coral Mine supplement, a supplement that contains as many as 73 minerals that purifies and alkalises drinking water.

1) Step
The first phase of the healthy bowel program consists of a profound purification: the evacuation is stimulated so as to expel waste, toxins and any parasites that compromise, not only the correct functionality of the organ, but the health of the body as whole. Thanks to this deep intestinal cleansing, even the gall bladder and liver work better.

The following products are used in the first phase of the Coral Club healthy bowel program:

Super Flora: Super Flora is ideal for fighting constipation and intestinal dysbiosis. Moreover, thanks to the presence of inulin, a precious natural fiber, it helps to restore the right amount of good bacteria.

Zaferan: Zaferan is a supplement with purifying and antioxidant properties. It stimulates the production of bile, useful for eliminating toxins and "bad" cholesterol from the blood by stimulating liver activity. At the same time, it protects against the action of free radicals.

Black walnut leaves extract: it is very important for its antiparasitic action. Black Walnut Leaves regulates intestinal functions by counteracting constipation, which helps regulate blood pressure and the thyroid.

Papaya: Coral Club Papaya, obtained directly from the ripe fruit, stimulates and improves digestive functions.

Coral Alfalfa: based on the very precious herb Alfalfa, promotes purification of the body, stimulates intestinal functions and improves digestion.

Coral Lecithin: Lecithin has several beneficial properties for both the physical and the nervous system. Thanks to the high amount of choline and inositol, it stimulates liver activity, essential for the elimination of waste, and regulates cholesterol levels in the blood.

Coral Burdock Root: Coral Burdock Root from Coral Club plays a key role in purifying and draining excess liquids.

Cascara Sagrada: this herb has a powerful laxative action. It promotes intestinal mobility by promoting the elimination of toxins and stimulates liver functions. By activating a deep detoxification, it helps prevent and fight inflammation.

Coral Carnitine: it has the function of supporting the body, fighting fatigue, accelerating the metabolism and facilitating the transformation of fat into energy, thus helping to regulate cholesterol and glucose levels.

2) Step 2
The second phase of the Coral Club healthy bowel program is focused on the reconstruction of intestinal bacterial flora in order to restore regularity, improve digestion and promote the correct assimilation of nutrients from food.

In this second phase the following products are used:

Assimilator: it is a natural supplement based on plant enzymes. It helps to maximize the assimilation of nutrients that we introduce with nutrition.

Coral Artichoke: this complex based on artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion and betaine. Artichoke helps the production of bile acids, which are very important for purification.

Coral Magnesium: it is important when energy drops during the purification process. It prevents arrhythmias, mood swings and cramps.

AquaOx: it contains a mix of vegetable antioxidants (Pomegranate extract, Acai Berry, Cocoa Seed extract, Rosemary extract) that supports body and mind health.

- Saffron (see Step 1)
- Super Flora (see Step 1)
- Coral Lecithin (see Step 1)

3) Step 3

If the first 2 phases have been scrupulously performed, at this point, in phase 3 the intestine is functioning correctly. Phase 3 of the healthy gut program is dedicated to restoring the body's mineral and vitamin balance.

The following Coral Club products are used:

Coral Taurine: It is a supplement based on essential amino acids, useful for promoting the functions of the liver and protecting the mind and body from oxidative agents.

Omega 3/60: Omega 3/60 supports the production of energy, regulates cholesterol levels in the blood and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Spirulina in tablets: it is a supplement based on this precious alga, rich in vitamins, minerals and vegetable proteins. It completes the body's purification process and at the same time gives energy.

- Papaya (see Step 1)

- Super Flora (see Step 1)

- Coral Alfaalfa (see Step 1)

- Coral Magnesium (see Step 2)

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P.S. Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle? We invite you to join us in the private group on facebook 4 steps to Health.

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