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H-500 120 capsules

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The release form: 120 capsules

Name in ENG: H-500 120 capsules


H-500 in the Coral Club

It is a mixture of alkaline minerals that provides the body with energy starting right from the cellular level. This blend helps maintain an alkaline balance in the blood and lymphatic system, which is key for enjoying excellent health.

Benefits of the H-500 from Coral Club England:

- fortifies the immune system

- has an ionic antioxidant effect

  • - prevents premature ageing of the body

- provides vital energy starting at the cellular level

  • - helps rebuild healthy bone and connective tissue

  • - provides a pH balanced, rich source of alkaline minerals

  • - increases resistance during physical and mental periods of stress.

It is an efficient product that provides effective protection against free radicals, formed by metabolic processes and from food and beverages consumed.

The energy and antioxidants provided by the H-500 increase resistance during physical efforts, and therefore is particularly beneficial for those engaging in sporting activities, as well as mental trials.

Consumption of this supplement before and after physical activity helps reduce lactic acid levels, thus accelerating muscle recovery post exercise.

The organic minerals in the ionic form, found in the formula, contribute to the formation and regeneration of bones and all connective tissue; reducing the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

The minerals in the H-500 are organic and have an ionic structure. These are equipped with antioxidant properties to the power of -500, from which derives the name of the product. This combination and potency of ingredients, makes this product the strongest and safest available on the market worldwide.

Another fact, which makes the product exceptional and without competition, is that unlike other antioxidants, it does not oxidise because it has a pure ionic form. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C or A, after releasing electrons, become free radicals. Instead the antioxidants in mineral ionic from H 500 does not turn into a free radical and helps to prevent the oxidation of other antioxidants present in the body, from becoming free radicals, thus inverting them in an active form.

How to use:

For best results, it is recommended to dissolve the contents of one capsule in 1 glass of filtered drinking water and drink it immediately. To get the maximum benefits H 500, it should be taken away from meals. For people engaging in physical activity, it is advisable to open a capsule of H 500, pour it into water and drink it during or immediately after exercise. Water with the H 500 will reduce the formation of lactic acid and provide electrolytes lost through sweating.

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