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Gotu Kola

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Name in ENG: Gotu Kola


This natural product is based predominantly on the Gotu Kola plant. It activates cerebral circulation, improves mental clarity, memory, and functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Gotu Kola is indicated at:
- Atherosclerosis
- Permanent fatigue syndrome
- Memory loss
- Depressions and psychoneurosis
- Vegetovascular dystonia
- Varicose veins
- Headaches
- Giddiness

Gotu Kola from Coral Club Key Benefits

The product optimizes the condition of the vascular system.

It improves oxygen and the nutrient supply to the brain.

It has a positive effect on the system of lymph vessels and veins.

The product improves the cardiovascular system’s resistance to physical and mental stress and stimulates blood circulation.

It has a positive effect in case of deteriorating memory, chronic fatigue, vegetative-vascular dystonia, and varicose veins.

Gotu Kola Ingredients

Active ingredients of the gotu kola plant (glycosides and flavonoids), improve vein circulation, have a cardiotonic and antiarrhythmic effects. They increase mental abilities, accelerate the process of thinking, improve memory, suppress headaches, and have a calming effect on the central nervous system in cases of anxiety, nervous conditions, and sleep disorders.

Triterpenoid saponins of gotu kola participate in the production of collagen and improve regeneration of damaged tissues.

Gotu Kola Usage

Take two tablets daily.

Gotu Kola is a perennial creeping plant, growing in water or near water in the tropical regions of South and Central Africa, Madagascar, and Asian countries.

Gotu Kola plant has been used in folk medicine for ages, and it is also called “Brain Food” or “Memory Grass”.

It was proved that Gotu Kola produces superb action on the cerebral cortex functionality, which is responsible for conscience, perception, memory, thinking abilities, intellectual and brain activity.  Research confirms the results of gotu kola’s effects: the improvement of general abilities, concentration, and memory.  Researchers have shown that Gotu Kola has a positive effect on some blood components.  Such effects as a sufficient increase of hemoglobin level and sugar level stabilization were also noted. It is considered that the ability of Gotu Kola to change sugar levels in the blood causes the effect of memory improvement. Consumption of Gotu Kola reduces the symptoms of depression; it has a sedative effect for anxious conditions and it is used for sleep disturbances.

Gotu Kola lowers arterial pressure, heart rate, and improves peripheral blood circulation. This effect is determined by the action of flavonoids contained in the plant, which relax the tissues of nonstriated muscles of blood system.

Gotu Kola strengthens veins, restores joint tissues of intercellular space and lowers vessel penetrability.

Modern scientists found out that Gotu Kola contains a number of glycosides, which possess anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

The healing property of Gotu Kola is associated with the presence of saponins in the composition of the plant, which stimulate mitosis and secures the process of tissue restoration in the places of concentrated infections, such as wounds and ulcers; also it stimulates lipid and protein synthesis which are essential for healthy skin.

Macroelements of calcium and phosphorus supplement Gotu Kola’s action. Calcium normalizes nerve tissue sensitivity and muscles contractions, activates a number of enzymes and hormones.  Phosphor fulfills structural functions, participates in the processes of cell growth and their division.

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