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Gotu Kola

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Gotu Kola by Coral Club United Kingdom

The active ingredients of the Gotu Kola plant (centella asiatica) are harnessed in this supplement, specifically designed to stimulate cerebral circulation, improve mental focus and memory and tone the cardiovascular system.

This supplement is recommended for those experiencing:

  • - Vertigo

  • - Headaches

  • - Memory loss

  • - Varicose veins

  • - Atherosclerosis

  • - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • - Vegetative-Vascular Dystonia

  • - Depression and psychoneurosis

Benefits of Gotu Kola by Coral Club UK:

  • - Encourages and energises blood circulation, stimulating circulation of oxygen and the supply of nutrients to the brain

  • - Tones the vascular system

  • - Benefits the lymphatic vessels and vein system with its positive metabolic effect on the connective tissue of the vascular wall

  • - protects and strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, preventing blood leakage and optimizes the circulatory system; in turn increasing the resistance of the circulatory system to physical and mental stress

  • - Works favourably to support the body in cases of memory deterioration, chronic fatigue, vegetative-vascular dystonia and varicose veins

Benefits of Gotu Kola by Coral Club UK:

The active ingredients of the Gotu Kola plant include glycosides and flavonoids which have a relaxing and sedative effect on the central nervous system in cases of anxiety, depression and nervous or sleeping disorders.

These naturally-found flavonoids are known to improve peripheral blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and heart rate by relaxing the tissues. This in turn gives a cardiotonic and antiarrhythmic effect plus strengthens the veins, restores the articular tissues of the intercellular space and reduces the penetrability of the veins. The enhanced oxygen circulation in the blood also helps accelerate thought process, improved memory and help suppress headaches.

A rich source of glycosides, the Gotu Kola plant contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Coupled with the presence of triterpenoid saponins within this plant, which play an important part in the production of collagen, stimulation of mitosis, enhanced regeneration of damaged tissues and tissue repair process in places of concentrated infections, such as wounds and ulcers; it also stimulates the lipid and protein synthesis essential for healthy skin. Gotu Kola a valuable tool for the body in both protection and healing.

Research has shown that Gotu Kola can be beneficial to the body’s blood supply, seeming to increase hemoglobin and balance sugar levels.  This blood sugar balancing effect is believed to create the effect be at the core of memory improvement.

In addition, Gotu Kola contains macroelements of calcium and phosphorus.

Phosphorus works with calcium to help build bones.  It also plays an important structural role in nucleic acids and cell membranes plus involvement in the processes of cell growth and division.  Calcium returns the balance of nerve tissue sensitivity, muscle contractions and triggers a number of hormones and enzymes.

Overall Gotu Kola can be seen as a supplement which provides excellent stimulation for the cerebral cortex, responsible for consciousness, perception, memory, intellectual and cerebral activity.  It is particularly indicated in periods of severe memory loss due to tiredness or mental overload or if there is a need for help to concentrate.  Because of its known positive affect on the cardiovascular system it is also recommended for those suffering from - or at risk of - circulatory disease.

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