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Folic Acid

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Folic Acid from Coral Club, UK, England

Folic acid, which is also known as vitamin B9, is recommended in pregnancy to prevent neural tube defect called spina bifida. It is also widely used to improve heart function and  promote healthy blood vessels. It is an extremely effective vitamin that supports the general function of the body’s systems and organs. Some of the aesthetic benefits of taking this supplement include improved strength and vitality of the hair and nails, as well as boosting elasticity and the tone of skin.

The guaranteed main benefits of taking Folic Acid from Coral Club UK:

  • - Gives supports to the nervous system of the body.

  • - Actively supports the cardiovascular and immune system.

  • - Stimulates immunity and increases the levels of white blood cells.

  • - Supports the production of eukocytes, amino acids, haemoglobin and erythrocytes.

  • - Stimulates the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails.

Where does folic acid come from?

Coming from the latin name “folium” which means ‘leaf,’ this extract was first harvested from spinach and parsley leaves in 1941. Many foods naturally contain folic acid, however once cooked, up to 90% of it is lost. Many people, mainly women, are often deficient in vitamin B9, but may not realise the fact.

Health Benefits:

These deficiencies are more significant when the person is undergoing hormone treatment or drinks alcohol excessively.

To ensure optimal healthy development of an embryo during pregnancy, taking folic acid as a supplement is highly recommended. Necessary for the formation of blood cells and neurones, as well as promoting the optimum formation of the nervous system and placenta is why doctors will recommend B9 for pregnant women. If a mother chooses to breastfeed, then it could also help to overcome any postpartum depression.

This supplement is fundamental for the process involved with the division of cells , as well as for the growth and development of organs and tissues.

When vitamin B9 is deficient, blood anticoagulant functions cannot work optimally, therefore increasing the likelihood of thrombogenesis.

Vitamin B9 regenerates nerve tissues and is also important for the function of adrenaline in the body.

Vitamin B9 works in conjunction with vitamin B12, to manage haematogenesis mechanisms and haemoglobin production, red and white blood cells, therefore it can work to prevent anaemia.

Importantly, this vitamin, will help to prevent the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque found within blood vessels, thus limiting the chances of cardiovascular complications. In fact, this supplement produces changes in lipids, leading to a reduction of cholesterol found in blood serum.

If there are any pathologies potentially triggering anaemia, this product helps to prevent the onset. It represents a valid support for those at risk of cardiovascular disease, thanks to its antithrombotic make up and stimulation of hematogenesis.

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