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Folic Acid

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When it comes to restoring the immune system and supporting cardiac and vascular health; folic acid (or B9 vitamin) proves to be far more effective than any other vitamin. It supports all organs and systems, promotes normal growth of hair, and makes skin supple and beautiful.

Folic acid will supply your body with the necessary amount of this key vitamin and will help prevent vitamin B9 deficiency.

  • - Plays a significant role in vital functioning of circulatory and immune systems;

  • - Participates in the formation of leukocytes, erythrocytes, hemoglobin, and amino acids;

  • - Reduces cholesterol levels deposited in the liver.

Folic Acid Key Benefits

It regulates blood cholesterol levels.

Has a positive effect on bowel functioning.

This supplement is essential for producing new cells (of skin, hair, blood, etc.)

Boosts the immune system and promotes the formation of white blood cells.

Has a positive effect on the function of the central nervous system: improves mood, helps prevent depression and sleep disorders.

Folic Acid Ingredients

Folic acid supports normal hematosis. It promotes functions of the nerve tissue, cardiac muscles, liver, and supports the rejuvenation and growth of cells.

Vitamin B9 is responsible for normal prenatal development of the baby and is essential during breast-feeding. It is also highly recommended for relieving symptoms of post-partum blues.

Folic acid improves memory, concentration, physical performance, and boosts the immune system.

This supplement has a beneficial effect on skin, nails and hair.

Folic Acid Usage

Take ½ - 1 tablet a day or as recommended by a health practitioner.

Folic Acid

In 1941, folic acid (Vitamin B9) was extracted from green leaves of spinach and parsley, this is where its name comes from (from lat. folium - 'leave'). 90 % of this vitamin degrades during cooking of products containing this vitamin, this is why every other woman nowadays has folic acid deficiency. This deficien­cy is much stronger in a woman taking hormonal preparations and alcohol. The situation can be improved by filling the vitamin deficiency with the help of bioadditive Folic Acid.

This product is a natural source of folic acid which is necessary for blood and neuron cell synthesis, DNA and RNA reproduction. Vitamin B9 is also necessary for normal development of embryo tis­sues during pregnancy.

Folic Acid deficiency disturbs the work of blood anticoagulative systems which can lead to an increase of thrombogenesis. Folic acid restores nerve tissue structure and plays an important role in adrenaline formation.

Vitamin B9 prevents prenatal fetus anomalies. During pregnancy, it takes part in formation of nerve system of fetus, its placenta, it is necessary for cell division, growth and development of all or­gans and tissues. It is useful during breast feeding and for postpartum depression relief.

Along with Vitamin B12, folic acid takes part in the regulation of hematogenesis processes, hemoglo­bin synthesis, and is an irreplaceable component for reproduction of red corpuscles - erythrocytes, white corpuscles - leucocytes. Thus, it prevents the development of anemias of different aetiology.

In addition, folic acid increases mental and physi­cal efficiency, plays an important role in the pre­vention of a buildup of plaque and cardiovascu­lar diseases connected with it. Due to its effect, wholesome shifts in blood lipids occur and choles­terol content is reduced in blood serum.

Vitamin B9 increases clinical effect during pso­riasis, eczema, and dermatitis treatment. Applied together with Vitamin B12, it contributes to anneal­ing of skin pigmentation caused by vitiligo, it also helps in acne (comedones).

Folic Acid application allows one to:

  • • Avoid Vitamin B9 hypovitaminosis;

  • • Prevent anemias of different aetiology;

  • • Improve the work of cardiovascular system;

  • • In cases of integrated effect, improve skin diseases.

Folic Acid Ingredients

Folic Acid, other ingredients

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