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FirstFood Colostrum

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Name in ENG: FirstFood Colostrum


FirstFood or Colostro from Coral Club UK

Colostrum comes from a mothers milk after her child is first born. It is well known to contain precious nourishment and nutrients to guarantee the build up of the immune system, providing antibodies and a base for optimal development and growth. FirstFood has been developed with colostrum, as the basis of its design.

FirstFood is particularly indicated for children, adolescents and athletes to stimulate healthy growth, promote the development of muscle and contribute to a more resistant immune system. Regeneration of DNA and RNA are boosted through taking this supplement and therefore healthy generation of cartilage, bone and connective tissues is achieved.

The benefits of FirstFood:

- promotes healthy development and growth

  • - works towards preventing pathological imbalances

  • - helps to recover strength faster following infection or illness

  • - the mucous membranes of the digestive system are protected

  • - contributes to the generation of muscular and connective tissues

  • - provides essential elements for proper functioning of the immune system

  • - strengthens immunity

Immunoglobulins in FirstFood:

Immunoglobulins guarantee an optimal immune defence system, thanks to 5 components:

  • - IgA protects the mucous membranes

  • - IgE works against the symptoms of allergies

  • - IgG and IgM fight both bacterial and viral infections

  • - IgDs stimulate the production and productivity of antibodies

Other beneficial health components:

Colostrum is a nutrient rich source of a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It has a natural antibacterial and antibiotic effect.

Other components that contribute to the effectiveness of the body’s immune system are: interferon, lactoferrin and interleukin; key proteins used in the production and formation of cells found in the immune system.

Glycoproteins are also found in colostrum. These are important for protecting growth factors that are essential as they provide essential amino acids that can not be synthesised in the body.

FirstFood is also a safe resource for people unable to consume dairy products, as it has been shown to contain minimal amounts of lactose.

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