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FirstFood Colostrum

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FirstFood, Colostrum supplement is based on cow’s colostrum and serves as a natural source of all ingredients necessary for strengthening immunity, for supporting and rejuvenating a weakened immune system.

This food supplement is based on cow’s milk collected within the first 36 hours after calving and processed using a special technology that preserves the active ingredients of colostrum.

FirstFood, Colostrum Key Benefits

The product provides an active support for the immune system and has immunomodulatory effects.

This dietary supplement protects and recovers mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, and inhibits the effect of pathogenic microbial flora.

FirstFood, Colostrum Ingredients

Colostrum is the very first nutrition of all mammals including human beings. This substance protects the newborn in the first days of life.

Immunoglobulins are broad spectrum antibodies that protect one from bacteria, microbes, fungi, viruses, and allergens.

Interferon, lactoferrin, and interleukin are the main proteins of the immune system that stimulate the formation of immunoglobulins.

Growth hormones contribute to increase muscle mass and stimulate cell division in connective tissue.

Glycoproteins are protecting the growth hormones from the negative effect of gastric juice.

Colostrum is rich in vitamins and enzymes including lysozyme that serves as a natural antibiotic: it inhibits the effect of pathogenic bacteria.

FirstFood, Colostrum Usage

Take three capsules a day with an 8 ounce glass of water.

FirstFood, Colostrum

Colostrum is a natural source of all essential com­ponents required to build the immune resistance, and to maintain and boost the function of a de­pressed immune system. Colostrum production is a more complex process than production of or­dinary milk; the constituents of colostrum are not found in equally high concentrations in any other natural food.

Colostrum is the first food of mammals including humans that protects the newborn during the first days of life, when the child is most vulnerable. Colostrum provides a medium that carries anti­bodies, the hereditary factors of immunity, from a mother to her child. This supplement is produced from cow's milk, collected in the first 36 hours af­ter calving and processed using a special method that preserves the active ingredients of colostrum. Cow colostrum has been proven to be a safe and biologically compatible food even for those on a dairy-free diet, because it contains the minimum concentrations of lactose and milk.

Immunoglobulins are wide-spectrum antibodies, protecting the body from bacteria, microbodies, fungi, viruses, and allergens. Colostrum contains all 5 classes of immunoglobulins: IgA (protects mucous membranes), IgD (induces production of antibodies), IgE (neutralizes allergic reactions), IgG (neutralizes viruses), and IgM (facilitates de­struction of viruses and bacteria).

Interferone, lactoferrin, and interleukin are the ma­jor proteins of the immune system; these proteins stimulate immunoglobulin production and have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial ac­tivity.

Vitamins and minerals - Colostrum is a source of vitamins А, С, E, B2, B6, and B12, and minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc). Colostrum is 5-6 times richer in vitamin A and 6-7 times richer in vitamin E, than ordinary milk.

Glycoproteins protect growth factors from being digested by the stomach juices, and lactoalbumins are a source of vitally important essential amino acids, which are not produced by the body.

Colostrum is rich in enzymes: peroxidase, reduc­tase, lipase, phosphatase, lactase, and peptidase, and it also contains lysozyme, a naturally occur­ring antibiotic suppressing the activity of patho­genic bacteria.

The growth factors help increase lean muscle tis­sue and restore DNA and RNA, promote cell divi­sions in the connective tissue, and help build bone and cartilage. Many athletes drink colostrum on a regular basis, because it not only stimulates mus­cle growth, but also activates rejuvenation pro­cesses in the body and improves overall health.

Biological effects of colostrum:

  • • Marked immunoprotection;

  • • Immunomodulation;

  • • Protection and restoration of the gastrointestinal mucosa;

  • • Pegenerative.

Ingredients Bovine colostrum, other ingredients

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