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FanDetox 30 sticks

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The release form: 30 stick packs 4,5 g

Name in ENG: FanDetox 30 sticks


FanDETOX from Coral Club England, United Kingdom

Formulation: powder product, 30 sachets of 4.5g each. To be dissolved in water.

Properties: helps to purify the liver from damaging toxins deriving from alcohol, medication and waste products generated by unhealthy foods and lifestyles.

The frantic life of modern man does not often favour a healthy daily diet. Diets are often enriched with junk food and lacking in essential elements. The perpetuation of these bad habits at the table and the lack of physical activity affects the health of the entire body by involving and damaging various organs and systems.

The organs of excellence for detoxification of our bodies are the kidneys and the liver. The latter is of fundamental importance, not only for the detoxifying effect but also for the production and storage of different micro and macro nutrients. A healthy liver function is essential to maintain homeostasis and the metabolic balance that guarantees the sufficient supply of energy for all the cells of the body.

The liver is as important as it is delicate. In fact, to preserve its activity, the natural principles contained in FanDETOX stimulate the activity of hepatocytes (liver cells) in order to speed up and facilitate the demolition of toxic molecules without overloading the liver itself.

What are the individual properties of the nutrients that make up the FanDETOX?

Extract of Persimmon

Persimmons are of oriental origin and are widely used in traditional medicine in oriental countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Their popularity is due to the abundance of vitamins A, C, E and P. Moreover, they have a high content of fructose, citric acid, malic acid, fibre and a powerful source of antioxidants. These nutrients are all required by the liver in order to perform its job properly.

Extracts of Goji

As for persimmons, goji berries are also frequently used in oriental medicine. Of these berries, the beneficial action of betaine contained in them is recognized. In particular, betaine acts as an activator of two metabolic enzymes necessary for the demolition of ethanol molecules.

Citrus peels

Citrus peel contains a sufficient number of flavonoids, which are substances used by our bodies as antioxidants. Following the formation of reactive oxygen species produced during the demolition of metabolites, our bodies need a system to neutralize these oxidizing molecules that can interfere and block the physiological cellular processes. 

Bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are a fantastic source of protein, fibre and minerals.


Buckwheat is a rich source of fibre, improves intestinal activity and also aids the absorption of other elements present in the formula.

The aforementioned benefits of the liver formula, coupled with a healthy diet and physical activity, improve overall health for those who use it. There are no adverse effects. It is a product recommended for everyone, and especially all those who live in an environment characterized by atmospheric pollution and people with an  unbalanced diet.

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