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FanDetox 30 sticks

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The release form: 30 stick packs 4,5 g

Name in ENG: FanDetox 30 sticks


The dietary supplement FanDetox™ was developed by Korean scientist Song Hae Bok specifically for restoring and protecting the liver from the toxic effects of alcohol, drugs, junk food, and other harmful substances. This product contains only highly beneficial and efficient natural vegetal extracts.

FanDetox Key Benefits

FanDetox™ is a unique drink that relieves such symptoms of alcohol intoxication as general weakness, headache, dizziness, nausea, tremor, rapid heart rate, sweating, and insomnia. This dietary supplement improves the general condition of cases of hepatitis and fatty hepatosis.

The FanDetox™ drink actively breaks down toxic substances in instances of poisoning.

This supplement improves fat metabolism thus reducing blood cholesterol.

FanDetox Ingredients

Persimmon is an excellent source of vitamins, organic acids and readily available vegetal sugars essential to produce energy. Ripe persimmon fruit improves performance of the gastrointestinal tract and has a diuretic effect; thus helping flush away toxic substances.

Goji berries are highly beneficial for digestion. They contain Betaine that boosts metabolism and helps produce enzymes that normalize bile production and lipid metabolism.

Citrus peel extract contains large amount of flavonoids that normalize cholesterol levels and protect vitamin C against oxidative damage.

Active ingredients of Buckwheat have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and promote restoration of liver cells.

Nutrients of soybean sprouts help protect liver cells and nerve tissue. Soy acts as a potent antioxidant and thus reduces the risk of premature aging on a cellular level.

Dextrin serves as an invigorating energy reserve for liver cells. It promotes liver health and is an excellent tonic.

Vitamin C role is very significant. One of the most important functions of this vitamin is to protect the human body from toxins.

Taurine plays a key role in supporting liver health. It is directly involved in the process of detoxification, so it is especially recommended in cases of hepatitis and alcohol liver damage.

FanDetox Usage

Dissolve the contents of one packet in 100 ml warm water.


Fandetox is a product developed by the Korean scientist Song Khe Bock to protect the liver from toxic effects of alcohol, medicines, low-quality food, and other harmful substances. The product is based solely on plant extracts. Persimmon, goji berry, citrus peel, buckwheat seeds, and soy bean sprouts produce fast effects on the body. 

Persimmon has more nutrients than grapes or figs. It is a source of vitamins C, P, and A, apple and lemon acids, minerals, and plant sugars of glucose and fructose to increase vital resources of the body. These sugars are needed for glycogen formation in the liver and its energetic nutrition. 

Goji berries enhance digestion, produce general health improvement, with anti-oxidative and toning effects. The plant contains betaine, which improves metabolism, assists in production of alcohol dehydrogenase, and aldehyde dehydrogenase, which in their turn normalize bile excretion and lipid metabolism in the liver, and also neutralizes toxic substances including alcohol waste products. 

Citric peel extract contains a great amount of flavonoids, possessing antisclerotic action. When they get into the body they accelerate the decaying process of low density lipoprotein and normalize general cholesterol levels and protect vitamin C from oxidative destruction. 

Buckwheat due to its high content of flavonoids, organic acids and lecithin influences favorably on the digestive, cardio-vascular and nervous systems; and helps to restore damaged liver tissues and excrete the excess of lipids. 

Soy is rich in biologically active substances: proteins, vitamins (E, PP, H, and B-group), minerals, lecithin, and fibers. 

Dextrine is a well-assimilated product of partial decomposition of polysaccharides: starch and glycogen. It is stored in liver cells and is considered to be a quick energetic reserve for their nutrition and increased performance. 

Vitamin C is an essential participant of collagen synthesis; it strengthens vessel sides, prevents the accumulation of oxidized forms of cholesterol and protects the body from toxins. 

Fandetox helps with different problems and improves the way you feel:

• from hepatitis and hepatosis

• from poisoning, as it breaks up toxic products in hypatocytes

• enhances lipid metabolism, lowering blood cholesterol levels

• it is a unique plant drink which relieves alcohol withdrawal syndrome and all its unpleasant symptoms: general weakness, headache, giddiness, nausea, tremor, tachycardia, hyperhidrosis, and insomnia.

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