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Name in ENG: Eyebright


This dietary supplement is especially beneficial if you spend long hours in front of a monitor or have vision problems. Eyebright will protect your eyes from vision loss. Look forward with confidence!

Eyebright Key Benefits

This supplement relieves eye fatigue and has an anti-inflammatory effect for conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

It is recommended for cases of turbidity and corneal spots.

This product lowers intraocular pressure and improves vision.

The product also boosts immunity and can be used for respiratory diseases.

Eyebright Ingredients

The Eyebright plant is rich in vitamins, flavonoids and other biochemically active substances that help relieve inflammatory and degenerative changes of the retina and vitreous. It lowers intraocular pressure and relieves pain caused by various inflammatory processes and diseases of the eyes. The product relieves eye fatigue caused by artificial lighting, long hours spent in front of a monitor, and/or hypersensitivity to sunlight. This supplement has hypotensive and antispasmodic effects and improves cerebral blood circulation.

Calcium included in this supplement is engaged in practically all cellular processes, including cellular growth and life cycle, as well as in the process of blood coagulation, and in immune response. It improves absorption of nutrients and regulates permeability of cellular membranes.

Eyebright Usage

Dissolve one tablet in a cup of boiling water and drink as a tea.


Euphrasia officinalis is one of the age-old herbs honored in the folk medicine of many countries. In folklore it is called eyebright. It is translated from the French as “to throw away your glasses”, from the Greek –  “joy of the one who preserved eyesight”.

It was first mentioned as a medicinal herb in 1305. It was so famous and effective, that it was glorified in poems. In Tibetan medicine eyebright has long been considered a beneficial drug against conjunctivitis. In Iceland the juice extracted from eyebright was used as a pain relief agent for different eye diseases.

Eyebright comprises the whole complex of active ingredients – glycosides, flavonoids, iridoids, anthocians, coumarins, vitamin C, carotene, bitters, saponins, essential and fatty oils, and microelements: copper, manganese, zinc, boron, silver, magnesium, molybdenum, iron, chrome, nickel, which influence the reason of the inflammatory and degenerative changes of the retina and vitreous humor on the biochemical level.

Among the biological effects of eyebright are anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, astringent (especially with respect to mucous coating of the eyelids and conjunctiva), reducing intraocular pressure, and improving eyesight functions and others.

Eyebright is widely used in ophthalmology  for burning eyes  and lacrimation (excess secretion of tears), for acuity of vision, prevention of eye diseases of different etiology, and for degenerative-dystrophic processes in the eye membrane. Even for eye trauma, when there is a risk of cornea damage, eyebright lessens pain and inflammation.

Eyebright is useful for:

  • - conjunctivitis

  • - blepharitis

  • - dacryocyst inflammation

  • - keratoleukoma and maculae cornea

  • - cataract

  • - glaucoma

  • - nystagmus

  • It has a favorable effect on eyes fatigue caused by artificial lighting, heavy use, sunlight hypersensitivity, gleams from computer monitors screens, TV and movie screens.

Besides, eyebright possesses hypotensive, sedative, spasmolytic, immune modulatory effects, and it improves cerebral blood supply. Eyebright is a tested drug against cough, accompanied by abundant phlegm, catarrhal phenomenon and pain in the frontal sinus area; its action relieves the condition of “stuffiness” of the nose and soothes the mucous coating inflammation. It is also used for gastritis with peracidity and enterocolitis.

Composition: Eyebright leaves (Euphrasia officinalis), other ingredients.

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