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Daily Health Pack

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Name in ENG: Daily Health Pack


  • Daily Health Pack - buy today in Coral Club England, UK

    Daily Health Pack is a program that includes Coral-Mine, Ultimate, H-500 and Omega 3/60 products. It provides the essential nutrients for the body’s well-being, is taken daily, and is ideal for enriching a healthy daily diet.

  • The benefits of Daily Health Pack are:

    - anti-aging support

  • - an increase in energy

  • - safeguards the nervous system

  • - helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases

  • - gives strength and support to the immune system

  • - eliminates free radicals in the body often created by stress

  • - helps to regenerate the body and increase cellular hydration

  • - helps to minimize the risks of osteoporosis and arterial hypertension

    The Daily Health Pack Kit includes all micro and macro elements: vitamins, minerals and omega 3; necessary for the healthy regeneration of body cells daily.

    Coral Mine

    Coral Mine is a key supplement that enriches the water with ionic minerals that help eliminate water-soluble toxins; it hydrates the body starting at the cellular level. Coral Mine contains ionic calcium, ionic magnesium and many other organic minerals. It is a fundamental source of minerals for daily psycho-physical well-being and greatly improves the quality of water by balancing the pH levels, increasing oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), as well as supporting the molecular H2O structure.

    Coral-Mine has been found to improve mental concentration, boost memory and cellular hydration. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, prevents the development of arthritis and helps to regulate blood pressure.


    A combination of vitamins, minerals and plant compounds make up Ultimate. These ingredients compensate for low levels of these substances due to hypovitaminosis and nutritional deficiency.

    Ultimate is a high-quality product used to build the effectiveness of the body’s immune system.  It reduces the stress to the nervous system and therefore works to optimize the functionality of the body. Cayenne pepper, chamomile flowers, liquorice root, rose hip berries and bearberry leaves, support and help the digestive process; regulating metabolism, reducing spasms and promoting biliary secretion.


    A potent source of organic alkaline minerals, H-500 is also included in Daily Health Pack, to work against any free radicals found in the body. The antioxidants in H-500 slow down cell aging and improve energy production. It is the ideal product when facing physical challenges because it reduces the formation of lactic acid and accelerates the recovery of muscles after sporting activity. H-500 is the highly recommended as a product to promote bone and connective tissue regeneration; reducing the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

    Omega 3/60

    Omega 3/60 lowers cholesterol levels found in the blood.  It also prevents the appearance of diseases related to the cardiovascular system such as atherosclerosis and ischemic diseases. Omega 3/60 is a precious source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, indicated to reduce the possibility of brain diseases, improve skin, lower inflammation and boost the immune system.

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