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Coral Zinc 15

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Name in ENG: Coral Zinc 15


Zinc in Coral Club, England, UK

Nature has always provided us with the answer to our body’s needs. One of the most precious allies for our health and well-being is, without doubt, the active contribution of zinc.

Deficiencies of this precious mineral can compromise the body’s growth and lead to increased weight gain. As an essential element, zinc is a part of the constitution and synthesis of proteins, this means that it is important for the health of all the body’s organs and tissues, as protein is what supports the body to repair and strengthen. As such, benefits also include stronger nails, hair and bones.  Moreover, it has a positive contribution to our immune system, which is of particular benefit to those who are subject to environmental and physical stress.

Today’s busy and modern lifestyle often does not provide us with the needed daily dose of zinc, in order to ensure all the body’s organs can function at an optimal level.  This is why Coral Club has created a Zinc supplement to offer our Coral Club members. This unique and highly effective formula benefits not only the regeneration of cells but also is a key element in the process of regulating hormone production, and the body’s ability to process alcohol, thus impeding the onset of diseases, particularly relating to those caused by body imbalances. It also is a vital element for maintaining prostate health and healthy sperm production.

Due to its restorative action, zinc is a precious ally in combating skin problems such as acne, eczema and dermatitis. It is also ideal for those seeking to optimise digestion processes and boost the acceleration of the body’s metabolism.

The product, developed in the Coral Club laboratories, is more specifically Zinc Gluconate, a form that has proved advantageous because it is absorbed quickly, without agitating the delicate intestinal wall, and without causing any unpleasant side effects. Coral Club Zinc can be beneficial for people of all age groups and is considered to have multiple important benefits for general health and appearance.

Coral Zinc is a product that can truly give the tangible feeling of improvement of our general sense of health. This is because, in addition to zinc, it combines the benefit of other highly natural extracts that are also vital for our well-being, most notably liquorice root, which has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the bronchi and vascular walls, improving the secretory functions of the bronchi. Moreover, this root contains saponins, a useful element that helps soothe the areas of the gastrointestinal tract, facilitating their healing.

Also present in the careful makeup of this supplement is extract of ginger.  Ginger root has become increasingly well known and appreciated for its antibacterial properties. It acts primarily in the gastrointestinal tract, reducing cholesterol and inflammation.

Zinc from Coral Club UK, is a totally unique product, with a multitude of health benefits both improving mental and physical well-being.

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