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Coral-Mine - 30 sachets

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The release form: 30 filter-sachets 1g each


About Coral Mine of Coral Club UK

Coral Mine – is the best source of Organic Ionic Minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and a further 71 essential minerals. It optimizes the water quality, by improving its pH, ORP, structure and alkaline mineral composition. This makes it an outstanding product with no competition and it is safe to use at any age. Let’s study a few water parameters that are improved by Coral Mine.

Coral Mine - pH

Coral Mine contains 73 easily absorbed minerals, of which four have an enormous impact on our health; calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. These four minerals create a slightly alkaline state in the body, contributing to a balanced pH in the body. Scientists have long known that an alkaline environment is vital for the normal, healthy functioning of cells and therefore tissues, organs, systems and the entire body. The ionic organic minerals from the Coral Mine increases the water pH up to 8.5. This can be measured with a pH meter.

Coral Mine - ORP

Water born in nature has a negatively charged ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), which acts as an antioxidant to the body. Artificially extracted water is positively charged (which acts as a free radical in our bodies) and its ORP ranges from +150 to +500. The optimal charge to be maintained within the body (both intercellular and extracellular fluids) is between -50 to -100. The positively charged water on entering the body must then reduce its charge by using energy and resources. With time we overuse our resources, this brings about premature aging and a shorter lifespan.

Coral-Mine bags reduce the ORP, making the water an antioxidant and thereby saving the available resources. A single bag will reduce the ORP of 1.5l of water to between -50 to -100 mV, allowing the water to be more efficiently absorbed and used by the cells. This can be measured with an ORP meter.

Coral Mine - Memory & Structure:

Coral Mine changes the memory and the shape of water molecules, making it genuine and increasing the viscosity, which in turn improves hydration on the cellular level. Today it is already scientifically proven that water captures impacts from the substances that it comes into contact with and this affects its informational code resulting in a distinctive shape. This is the base of Homeopathy. More information about water memory and structure can be found in the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Benefits of drinking water with Coral Mine:

- Prevents osteoporosis

- Provides free ionic energy

- Saturates the blood with oxygen

- Reduces or completely eliminate headaches

- Improves blood sugar and cravings for sweets

- Reduces the risk of cardiovascular pathologies

- Strengthens the hair, nails and purifies the skin

- Reduces or completely eradicate symptoms of PMS

- Reduces the risk of diseases of the digestive system

- Contributes to the normalization of blood pressure (BP)

- Contributes to the achievement of the optimal blood pH

- Helps cleanse mucus from the bronchial tubes and sinuses

- Prevents the development of arthritis and increases the elasticity of cartilage, joints and muscles.

- Improves the blood flow to the central nervous system and improves the transmission of nerve impulses

How to use Coral Mine:

  1. Pour water into a 1l glass bottle or jar

    2. Drop one bag of Coral Mine into the water.

  2. Shake or mix it and the water is ready for consumption.

  3. Pour Coral Mine water in a glass or cup and top it up with boiled water to rise the temperature and drink on empty stomach on rising, 30 minutes before lunch, dinner and in between meals.

To buy Coral Mine in Coral Club use follow this link: price.

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