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Coral-Mine - 10 sachets

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The release form: 10 filter-sachets 1g each

Name in ENG: Coral-Mine


Coral-Mine is made in Japan from deep water scleractinian corals that grow in the Sea of Japan off the islands of Okinawa and Tokunosima.

Coral is a unique substance which has achieved a perfect harmony of its animal, plant and mineral origins over 500 million years of evolution. A coral is a sea animal with a strange shape reminiscent of sea weed which feeds on sea salt and marine microbodies.

The skeleton of a coral is made up of mineral salts which are at the heart of the coral's effect on the human body. These salts are primarily cal­cium and magnesium, but in addition to these two there's also potassium, sodium, iron, phospho­rous, silicon, sulfur, chrome, manganese, zinc, and many others. This rich multitude of minerals regulates the bodily functions and makes all the systems run like clockwork.

Calcium and phosphorous are building blocks for the bone tissue and all other connective tissues. They support the heart and improve nerve con­ductivity, insuring proper flexing of muscles and increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which normalizes the blood clotting process.

Magnesium helps calcium by freeing up ATF and increasing the energy potential of the body. It makes the heart beat rhythmically and tones up the smooth muscles in the vessels, intestines, the gall bladder, and the urine bladder. A good balance of calcium and magnesium in the body keeps calcium in the bone tissue, preventing bones from going soft.

Sodium regulates the osmotic pressure, the me­tabolism of fluids and proteins and is necessary to maintain proper excitability of muscles and neural cells. It is also needed for the sodium potassium pump that regulates cellular metabolism.

Potassium is the main intercellular cation that maintains the PH balance, ensures proper muscle and nerve conductivity, keeps blood pressure in check and purges the body of excess liquids.

Coral-Mine Key Benefits

The product Coral-Mine regulates water-salt and pH balance and improves overall condition of the body. It normalizes metabolism and contributes to energy reserves of the body. It is recommended for athletes and those who have to withstand physical and nervous stress.

Coral-Mine Ingredients

The minerals of "Coral Mine" complex normalize metabolism of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Magnesium and calcium work effectively to restore musculoskeletal system function and contribute to the renewal of bone and connective tissue. The sodium component helps regulate the cardiovascular system by improving the condition of blood vessels and the heart. Magnesium is involved in far more functions than mere transmission of nerve impulses. It also serves to normalize the nervous system by relieving depression. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging. This particular combination of the ingredients has a remarkable synergetic effect as a beneficial influence of each ingredient is further enhanced and supported by the others.

Coral-Mine Usage

Place one unopened sachet into 1.5 liter of water (bottled or filtered water preferably). The water becomes ready within 5 minutes. Drink the water throughout the day.

Coral-Mine In contact with water minerals from salts go into the water and renders useful properties to it, ensuring: 
• optimal pH of medium; 
• regulation of blood pressure and heart rhythm; 
• prevention of osteoporosis, arthritis; 
• improvement of elasticity of the muscles, restoration of the bone and cartilage tissues structure; 
• regulation of kidneys and digestive system functioning; 
• improvement of skin condition.

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