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Coral-Mine - 10 sachets

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The release form: 10 filter-sachets 1g each

Name in ENG: Coral-Mine


Coral Mine in Coral Club England, United Kingdom 10 sachets

Formulation: powder product, 10 sachets of 1g each.

Coral Mine is a supplement of mineral salts, it helps to feel more active and full of energy.

To understand the functionality and use of Coral Mine, it is important to first understand the difference between an acid and a basic substance.

In chemistry a substance that yields H + ions is defined as "acid"; while it is defined as "basic" a substance that dissociates yields OH- or can acquire H + ions.

Another important concept to know is the meaning of the much-named pH.

The pH is a logarithmic scale based on the concentration of H + ions, so the more there are these ions, the lower the numerical value of the pH. This scale has a range from 0 to 14, this means that the value of medium, 7, has a balance between ions OH- and H + and this is the typical characteristic of water (H2O).

Why is pH important and what is physiological?

The pH varies a lot from the type of tissue and organ that are analyzed. However, the pH can also change based on the momentary situation. 

For example, many of us suffer from stomach acid. The stomach produces gastric juices (acidic substances) to digest food but in some stressful situations, these go back into the esophagus which is normally an environment whose pH is higher than the stomach. This ascent, known gastric reflux, is often painful because a non-physiological situation is created momentarily.

How can Coral Mine be useful for our pH?

Maintaining the correct pH, and therefore the right concentration of H + ions, is important because the latter can bind and interfere with salts useful for body homeostasis.

Coral Mine contains about 70 different salts that bind the H + by raising the pH and buffering the acidity.

In addition, the salts containing in Coral Mine have the function of acting as antioxidants, preventing the harmful effects caused by free radicals which can be spontaneously formed as a result of redox reactions. These salts bind free radicals and neutralize them.

How Coral Mine can improve health:

Coral Mine helps keep blood and lymph slightly alkaline / neutral which contributes to the benefits for the whole body, such as a regulation of blood pressure and heart beats, at bone level help prevent arthritis and osteoporosis, confer greater skeletal and smooth muscle elasticity, regulate intestinal and renal activity and improve epithelial tissue (ie our skin !!).

Last but not least, the positive effects of Coral Mine are more visible with proper nutrition and adequate daily physical activity.

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