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Coral Licorice Root

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Name in ENG: Coral Licorice Root


Coral Liquorice from Coral Club United Kingdom (UK)

This liquorice extract supplement is specifically designed to counteract inflammatory states and produce an immunomodulatory and excretory action.

Main benefits:

  • - Has antiallergic properties.

  • - Produces an immunomodulatory action.

  • - Helps to heal and prevent ulcers in the stomach.

  • - Reduces the risk of contracting Addison's disease.

  • - Prevents the onset of respiratory tract infections and skin diseases.

  • - It effectively works against adrenal insufficiency and chronic or acute pyelonephritis.

  • - Prevents gastrointestinal problems and chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract.


Liquorice is a legume, and is characterised by a large woody root. Even in the Middle Ages it was well known in the medical field, and was mentioned in many medical books. In particular, Avicenna, a famous Persian doctor, advised using liquorice for kidney diseases, bladder problems, gastritis, lung diseases, fevers and other disorders.

Liquorice is also highly regarded in China, where it is placed on the same level as ginseng. It is used to counter fevers, pains of various aetiology, as an expectorant and light laxative, as well as to improve eczema.

Flavonoids from liquorice are highly anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic and strengthen the vascular walls.

Studies have been conducted with the root and the rhizome of the liquorice plant which have shown healing properties in the stomach and duodenum, particularly for ulcers.

The liquorice root acts beneficially in soothing the pains in the body especially joint pain.

Coral Liquorice is indicated for people affected by diseases of the respiratory tract, thanks to its effective mucolytic and anti-inflammatory action.

It is recommended for those at risk of incurring gastrointestinal disorders, and in particular stomach or duodenal ulcers, as it counteracts the appearance and promotes cicatrisation.

This supplement is recommended for people suffering from allergic problems, thanks to its natural antihistamine properties.

Coral Liquorice guarantees everyone a good general condition of health, regulating the immune system and giving tone and vigour to the whole body.

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