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Coral Lecithin

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Name in ENG: Coral Lecithin


Coral Lecithin is one of the most versatile supplements. It is indispensable in maintaining all bodily functions and systems, including the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.

Coral Lecithin Key Benefits

The supplement has beneficial effect on cardiovascular conditions and atherosclerosis. It boosts energy after intense mental and physical activities.

As lecithin phospholipids are the base of all cellular membranes, including myelin membranes of nerve fibers, this supplement is an excellent support for the nervous system.

The product boosts immunity and improves fat metabolism in the liver.

Coral Lecithin Ingredients

Choline and inositol (principal ingredients of lecithin) belong to the group of vital nutrients that are essential for brain function and peripheral nervous system.

Lecithin is indispensable for proper metabolism of fats. Phospholipids contained in lecithin normalize liver function, improve bile consistency, and are involved in metabolism.

Lecithin improves the cardiovascular system condition and promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Coral Lecithin Usage

Take one capsule two or three times a day with a meal.

Coral Lecithi

Coral Lecithin is a new high quality product manu­factured as a separate Coral Club brand. It is one of the most versatile bioactive supplements. Leci­thin is the basis of all cellular membranes in the human body where it is used to rebuild damaged cells.

The main components of lecithin are choline and inositol. They are vital for the normal functioning of the brain. Choline coordinates muscle contrac­tions, mental activity, creativity, and memory. Inositol improves the mood, behavior, and naviga­tional skills. It also has a sedative effect, reducing anxiety and irritability.

Lecithin is indispensable for the proper functioning of the heart. It reduces the amount of cholesterol, improves blood flow and circulation. It can also in­directly affect blood pressure.

Lecithin actively regulates fat metabolism, break­ing down fat into simple acids. As a consequence when there is lecithin, lipids quickly get purged from the liver, which regenerates more quickly af­ter damage caused by alcohol, nicotine, medica­tions, narcotics, food preservatives, and dyes.

Lecithin also plays an important part in the im­mune system by restoring the function of lympho­cytes and macrophages, and enhancing disease resistance through the production of additional an­tibodies, and stimulation of the activity and growth of phagocytes.

Lecithin is also one of the primary drivers of t reproductive function and is especially importa for the proper development of the fetus and ne born babies.

The other benefits of Lecithin include antioxida protection of the skin against free radicals. It als helps the nutritional and detoxification processe activates the lipid metabolism and stimulates th growth of new skin cells

Coral Lecithin can be used to treat:
•    Cardiovascular diseases;
•    Anxiety, fatigue, attention deficit, and memory impairment;
•    Low mental or physical activity;
•    Liver conditions;
•    Skin problems.


Lecithin (soybeans) extracted, other ingredients

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