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Coral Kelp

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Name in ENG: Coral Kelp


Kelp from Coral Club UK

This supplement is the ideal product to restore vigour to the body and replenish needed nutrients. It is recommended in cases where there are problems with the cardio-circulatory system or to the endocrine system, and to counteract the premature ageing of the body.

Main benefits of Coral Kelp from Coral Club United Kingdom (England):

- benefits the endocrine system
- benefits the cardio-circulatory system
- balances the peristalsis of the intestines

- stimulates and supports gastrointestinal activity
- performs a highly effective detoxifying action of the body


The main component of Kelp is laminaria saccharin, also called sea lettuce. This alga comes in different organic combinations and carries out its action primarily due to the iodine contained in it.

Iodine promotes the assimilation of proteins, iron, calcium and phosphorus; it also stimulates the activity of many enzymes, and keeps the venous pressure low. Iodine helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, is beneficial for thyroid ovaries and reduces the unwanted symptoms related to climacteric and preclimaterial.

Brown alga has an anti-sclerotic action and also stimulates the enzymatic systems to facilitate the cleaning of blood vessels.

Studies have shown that the intake of this alga contributes to normalising hypothyroidism, with greater effectiveness than non-organic iodine-based products.

Sea lettuce keeps the level of blood coagulability low, preventing the formation of thrombi, and thanks to the polysaccharides it favours the absorption of exogenous and endogenous toxins in the intestine.

This alga also has a positive effect on vision, as it reduces the inflammatory states of the light-perceiving ocular apparatus.

Laminaria, as some studies have shown, has the capacity to reduce absorption and accumulation of cesium and strontium radionuclides in the body.

Finally, alfalfa completes the detoxifying action, in addition to normalising hormone balance and lowering cholesterol levels, together with laminaria.

Kelp by Coral Club United Kingdom is useful during periods of tiredness and stress; it is recommended for those at risk of cardiovascular disease and recommended for those wishing to counteract the ageing process.

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