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Coral Detox

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The release form: Assimilator, H-500, Coral Lecithin, Coral Mine


Coral Detox – it is an essential set for an effective and safe detoxification which can be used daily. 

Assimilator - it is the best digestive complex containing plant enzymes and additional A and D vitamins. Enzymes are extremely important to our health. They help to promote complete digestion and nutrient extraction from food. This minimises inflammation in the intestine and free radical formations. 

Assimilator is rich in the following enzymes: protease (important to digest proteins), amylase (essential to digest sugars), lactase (help to digest milk sugars), cellulase (convert cellulose to bio-digestible compounds), maltase (essential to break down complex sugars), lipase (essential to break down fat molecules), papain (enzymes extracted from papaya that help to break down complex protein) and bromelain (great in reducing inflammation and digestive both proteins and carbohydrates).

Assimilator contains 90 capsules.

H-500 – an antioxidant that protects from the consequences of oxidative stress and provides negatively charges ions to the cells. Unlike many other antioxidants, H-500 does not oxidise once in circulation. H-500 contributes to cellular energy production. H-500 contains 60 capsules.

Coral Mine – an essential pocket filter that improves water quality by improving pH, ORP and the taste of water. It is a rich source of ionic organic minerals that does not require to be modified before your cells can use it and is available to use by the cells straight away because it is in a pico-ionic form. It is a great product to use to flush out water soluble toxins that invade our body every second. Coral Mine contains 30 sachets. To find out more about the benefits of Coral Mine click here.

Coral Lecithin – it is one of the best sources of natural phospholipids, it protects the cell membrane from damaging toxins and free radicals. Coral Lecithin supports liver function and the healthy cholesterol ratio, by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL). Coral Lecithin also supports healthy brain function and glowing skin. Coral Lecithin contains 120 capsules.

Coral Detox is the safest and most efficient daily detox because it gently supports all the excretory systems in the body and ensures that nutrients are extracted properly from food. Did you know that we are not only what we eat, but what we digest.

Daily schedule for Coral Detox:

The time at which one rises of course varies, but the intervals between consuming water, food and the programme products should remain consistent.

7:00 Drink 500ml of warm water with one capsule of H-500 (30 minutes before your breakfast)

7:30 With breakfast take one capsule of Assimilator and one of Lecithin

10:00 Drink a herbal tea or warm Coral Water

11:30 Drink 500ml of warm Coral Water

12:00 With lunch take one capsule of Assimilator and one of Lecithin

15:30 Drink 250ml of warm water with one H-500

16:00 Drink 150 - 200ml of a warm Coral Water or herbal tea

18:30 Drink 500ml of warm Coral Water

19:00 With dinner take one capsule of Assimilator and two of Lecithin

To find out how to prepare Coral Water click here:

To get most out of your detox join us on the Digestive Wellness programme to receive professional support and an in-depth insight into wellbeing, to join us click here:

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