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Coral Cat`s Claw

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Name in ENG: Coral Cat's Claw


Coral Cat's Claw from Coral Club UK

Cat's Claw or cat's nail (uncaria tormentosa) is the name of a Peruvian liana, studded with small "claws" necessary to fasten itself to the stems of the trees.  It was popular in traditional Andean medicine as it was used to strengthen the body.

It has extraordinary corroborating and restorative properties, enhances the immune system and is very beneficial during periods where the body feels weak or overly tired and run down.

It is considered to bring relief to those who suffer from allergies and their unwanted symptoms, thanks to the immunomodulatory capacity of the plant, which supports the body when it is exposed to environmental conditions that may be detrimental to health and well-being.

Thanks to Coral Cat's Claw from Coral Club you can enjoy many benefits:

- provides an excellent toning action, as it will reduce skin swelling and skin reddening.

- a powerful antioxidant, particularly beneficial for those who are exposed to environmental conditions that are not ideal for the health of the body.

- it has an antithrombotic action and is known to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

- it’s anti-inflammatory capacity works to combat gastrointestinal and digestive discomfort.

Within the cortex of the bark of the Peruvian liana, is found pentachyclic alkaloids which have the extraordinary ability to stimulate the production of B and T lymphocytes, essential for an efficient immune response.

Alkaloids are effective in the treatment of allergy problems, as they are excellent at countering viral and bacterial infections. They also prevent common afflictions such as flu and colds.

The antiviral properties of this substance are also evident  and are used in the treatment of herpes, with good results. Currently experts are experimenting with its use in therapies that could work against HIV, cancer and other serious diseases, which goes to show the huge potential for health that this supplement can offer.

In Cat’s Claw, is also found quinovic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory action; sterols and polyphenols, which are also anti-inflammatory and additionally work to relieve pain. Taking this supplement can sooth the inflammation of joint, bone and muscle pain, which is why it is often recommended for those who suffer from arthritis.

This product is ideal for those who are rundown and continue to suffer from low grade illnesses, as it stimulates the immune system, boosting vitality and energy, giving extra support when the body’s defences are low.

Also included in Cat’s Claw from Coral Club UK is green tea. Green tea is frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine.  It is refreshing, cleansing, boosts metabolism and improves the elasticity of blood vessels, protecting them against disease.

Burdock root has also been added to this supplement to compliment the metabolic stimulation of green tea, as well as it’s detoxification properties and gentle diuretic action, which works to detoxify the blood. Burdock is known for its general support of the body to achieve optimum health and well-being.

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