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Coral Carnitine

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Name in ENG: Coral Carnitine


Coral Carnitine by Coral Club United Kingdom

Coral Carnitine is a supplement recommended to boost one’s energy and to improve immunity. Carnitine is an amino acid present in all of our cells and is necessary for the development and healthy maintenance of the body as a whole. Deficiency in Carnitine is manifested by irritability, low stress-resistance, accumulation of waistline fat, general obesity, fatigue and poor concentration.

Carnitine is one of the most important components used by cells in energy production.

It is an especially important supplement for those following a ketogenic diet since the high fat intake required means increased need for Carnitine to transport fatty acids to the mitochondria for oxidation, increasing risk of depletion of body’s Carnitine stores.

Benefits of Coral Carnitine by Coral Club UK:

  • - Acceleration of fat metabolism by facilitating transfer of triglycerides across cell membranes.   This encourages facilitation of the use of body fat as an energy source by burning the fat.

  • - Reduction of bad cholesterol by stimulating utilization of subcutaneous fat deposits.

  • - Improving memory retention

  • - Participation in energy production

  • - Support of healthy brain function

  • - Help in fighting chronic fatigue

  • - contribution to balanced blood pressure

  • - helping regulate blood glucose and insulin sensitivity

  • - Boosting the immune system by facilitating removal of pathogens and increasing antibacterial activity of white blood cells

  • Coral Carnitine by Coral Club UK is Carnitine in it is active form as Acetyl-L-Carnitine; its absorption is 100%

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