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Coral Artichoke

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Herbal ingredients of Coral Artichoke supplement rejuvenate the liver and bile ducts, detoxify, and improve the functioning of the digestive tract and overall welness.

Coral Artichoke Key Benefits

This supplement has a highly beneficial effect on the liver. It improves the condition of the liver with a wide variety of pathologies; fights chronic intoxications, and normalizes metabolism.

Coral Artichoke improves digestion due to choleretic and cholegenic properties of the ingredients and has a tonic and invigorating effect.

Coral Artichoke Ingredients

The active ingredients of artichoke have cleansing and choleretic properties. They have a beneficial effect on fat metabolism in the liver and a general revitalizing effect. Furthermore, artichoke promotes the excretion of excess fluids and substances containing nitrogen.

Milk thistle is a highly beneficial herb that promotes secretion and excretion of bile and normalizes gastrointestinal tract functions. It improves barrier function of the liver in cases of infection and poisoning.

Bitters of dandelion help to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion. They are prized for their choleretic, diuretic, and laxative properties.

Betaine is a lipotropic substance of plant origin. It normalizes lipid metabolism in the liver and cholesterol level in the blood, improves metabolic processes and digestive tract functions, and has a powerful energizing effect.

Coral Artichoke Usage

Take one capsule two times a day with a meal.

Coral Artichoke

The effect of liver on body is truly all-encompass­ing. There is not a single digestive, metabolic or blood circulatory process that liver is not involved in. But its first and foremost function is that of our own personal detoxication organ. Even a healthy liver will sometimes have a minor failure having been exhausted by the excessive flow of toxins through it. The result of such minor failures is various medical conditions, including such serious ones as hepatitis, fat steatosis and cirrhosis.

Coral Artichoke is an ideal liver helper. The pro­duct contains famous natural liver protects (arti­choke and thistle) as well as a number of active components (dandelion, betaine, crushed coral).

Artichoke is a valuable dietary product that has a pleasant nutty flavour. It's the favourite vegetable of Italian gourmets that use it extensively to make various sauces or self-made delicacies. However, artichoke's main selling point is its liver protection effect. Active ingredients it contains such as caf-feic acid, silymarin, flavonoids, have a cleansing and choleretic effect. They reduce the level of cho-linesterase which cuts liver's lipid output, resulting in a revitalising effect on it. In addition, artichoke speeds up the discharge of excessive liquid and various nitrogen compounds from liver. Providing body with various nutrients such as protein, vita­mins А, С, B1 and B2, carotene and a host of mi­nerals, artichoke keeps the skin in mint condition.

Milk thistle has long been recommended to people with various liver disorders as an effective means of combating their consequences. Specialists re­commend milk thistle extract as a preventive treat­ment for regions with damaged environments. The plant stimulates the formation of bile, the secre­tion and motor functions of the digestive tract improves the protective properties of liver in the event of infections and poisoning (including chlo­rine, radiation, medication poisoning as well as poisoning with such dangerous mushrooms as agaric fly and pale toadstool.

Dandelion is very popular in Europe. The bitter substances contained in it whet appetite and im­prove digestion. They have a choleretic, diuretic and laxative effect. Dandelion extract is one of the most valuable tonics. It is of great benefit to people suffering from increased acidity as it normalises the PH balance in the body.

Betaine is a lipotropic substance of herbal ori­gin. It normalises the lipid metabolism in liver, the level of triglycerides in blood, participates in metabolic processes, helps generate energy. This substance also has a chologenic and choleretic effect, normalises the PH balance inside stomach and improves the function of digestive system.

Coral powder is a natural sorbent that absorbs to­xins and stimulates their excretion from body.

Coral Artichoke has a beneficial effect on the liver and health in general:

  • • it stimulates bile production and excretion,

  • • reduces fat and lipid draining in the liver,

  • • removes toxins from the body, 

  • • produces soft diuretic effect,

  • • normalizes metabolism,

  • • improves skin condition.


Artichoke extract, Betaine Hydrochloride, Milk Thistle extract. Dandelion root extract, other ingredients

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