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Coral Artichoke

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Coral Artichoke in Coral Club England, United Kingdom

Coral Artichoke is the best ally for the optimal functioning of the liver and the digestive system. It contains active extracts, with hepatoprotective properties that come from milk thistle, dandelion, betaine and artichoke. All these ingredients have been used for centuries to alleviate and prevent diseases of the liver and the digestive system.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body as it effects the blood circulation process, metabolic process and digestive process. Without a healthy liver the body is susceptible to diseases and unwanted symptoms. To ensure the liver is able to function at its very best, this supplement is highly recommended, particularly for those who drink alcohol, have a poor diet that is high in fat or for those whose body’s are affected by environmental toxins. Ensuring the body has a healthy liver can work to prevent such diseases as cirrhosis and hepatitis.


- has diuretic properties

- improves the flow of bile

- promotes detoxification processes

- stimulates the production and secretion of bile

  • - protects the liver cells from damaging free radicals

- reduces the deposition of bad cholesterol and starts its elimination

- improves the skin in conditions such as eczema, pimples and acne

Coral Artichoke has a carefully balanced make-up, full of ingredients to support the health of the liver, restore health to the bile ducts and the digestive tract so that you can feel rejuvenated and revitalised.

Active ingredients and their healing properties:

Artichoke, a staple of the mediterranean diet, has been used for centuries as a natural and popular way to cleanse the liver of fat and rejuvenate it. It has also been found to support the body to flush away excess fluid and nitrogen that can be retained in the body. This supplement created by Coral Club delivers a spectrum of key vitamins and minerals that support the health of the liver, the digestive and metabolic systems and will help to keep skin clear and blemish free.

Milk thistle is a well known herb that is used to support liver health. As well as working to prevent infection and toxicity levels, it also balances the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bitters of dandelion works well to support the digestive system thanks to it’s diuretic and laxative effect. It can also work to boost appetite.

Betaine is a plant based addition that can support those who suffer from low energy as it energises and invigorates. It balances metabolism, cholesterol levels found in the blood, boosts metabolism and supports the digestive tract to work optimally.

This product is highly recommended for people who take alcohol, medication and have a high fat diet or are suffering from cirrhosis, ulcers, biliary colic and hepatitis.

Coral Artichoke is an excellent remedy that can be used every day to give liver support. It facilitates the process of the decomposition of toxins, making them less harmful to the body and stimulating their elimination.

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