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Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus Set 3 (6 packets)

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Name in ENG: Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus Set 3 (6 packets)


  • Colo Vada = Colon Detox Program

  • The 2 Colo Vada Plus Programs enhance any fast or specific diet designed to detoxify and improve the overall vitality of the body. The supplements provided include a careful composition of key minerals and vitamins that will optimise your health and well-being.

    This program covers 14 days. It includes 3 distinct phases, which when completed will eliminate toxins, improve GIT function, promote the ability of the body to remove waste, encourage the growth of healthy gut microflora, supply vital elements to support the body through a cleanse.

    Phase 1:

    The first 7 days prepares the body for a deep cleanse. There are 14 packs included labeled “No.1.” Each pack includes an ideal combination of  some the most popular supplements from the Coral Club UK range, which are listed below.

    Phase 2:

    This phase involves 4 days of deep cleansing. There are 8 packs labeled “No. 2” as well as 16 sachets of Colo-Vada powder mix. Each pack includes the same powerful ingredients as Phase 1 but with the essential addition of Vitamin C.

    Phase 3:

    This is the restorative phase lasting 3 days. There are 6 packs included, all labeled “No. 3.” At this stage, DigestAble is introduced.

    The benefits of following this extensive program are considerable. Colo-Vada Plus ensures a complete detoxification of the body, a more efficient digestion system, a balanced gut, as well as general re-invigoration of the body through the use of exclusive Coral Club UK supplements, detailed below:

    «Cascara Sagrada» has a gentle laxative action that works to effectively eliminate waste. Soft stools reduce discomfort and promote more regular  bowel movements.

  • «Black Walnut Leaves» also contribute to a gentle laxative action. They have an anti-bacterial and anthelminthic action, which supports gut health by stopping fermentation and other unhealthy processes.

    «Ultimate» optimises metabolism and delivers to the body all the minerals and vitamins it needs to support the body for a healthy detox.

    «Alfalfa» is a protein that comes from plants. It delivers bioactive substances, minerals and vitamins to the body, that bind cholesterol and prevent anaemia.

    «Colo-Vada Mix» supports the body during detoxification as it provides an excellent source of fiber, that not only cleanses the gastrointestinal tract but is also satiating and therefore keeps the feeling of hunger at bay. Included is the powerful substance, Kaolin, which serves to attract unwanted substances that may have been in the gut for some time, before expelling them from the body.

    The Phase 2 packs are a carefully balanced combination of herbs that work to detoxify, provide an anti-inflammatory effect and promote the eradication and prevention of parasites. This is a complex made of plant ingredients that have been chosen specifically to support optimal liver function and improve the motor and secretory functions of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).

    The final restorative phase will normalise the GIT, as well as balance the gut’s good bacteria so that it can function at its very best. A natural culture of probiotics is provided in the form of Mega Acidophilus that not only supports the growth of gut flora but also allows key vitamins to be synthesised in order to optimise digestion and the absorption of all nutrients.

    DigestAble includes key enzymes needed for a healthy digestive system, such as bromeliad, protease and amylase. These enzymes work to digest and absorb nutrients making sure the digestive systems are working optimally.

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